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    Your Favorite Rifle

    I have to say a Winchester Model 70 Classic Sporter I had customized and made into a 280 AI with a Shilen Match barrel. I used it to harvest a beautiful grizzly bear in August above the Arctic Circle. One shot with a 140 gr. Accubond!!
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    New Addition to the Home

    Beautiful mount of a fantastic animal. I bet there was a lot of good eating off of that guy!
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    New WBY Caliber

    About the same as fps as what's available from the 6.5-06 which is already a terrific cartridge. It doesn't have the sharp shoulder or anything but the 6.5-06 is an excellent cartridge. It would make a neat one and have the sharp shoulder if they would have made it a 6.5-06 AI, man bun...
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    168 gr Nosler E-Tip and the 30-06

    Not this particular bullet in the 30-06, but my son does shoot a 90 gr. E-tip in his 6mm Remington. It was pretty easy to get a load worked up for it that shoots very nicely, and it's performed great on deer, antelope, and his first elk. I think the bullet should work well for you but as...
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    Newest hunting/trapping partner

    Heck no go get her a little CZ bolt action .22 LR for her first birthday! What are you waiting for.
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    Wait...That Ain't Right

    My father and I were driving through the Big Hole in Montana headed to Columbus to hunt deer and antelope. We had a wolverine run across the highway in front of us. Only time I've been lucky enough to see one. I think it was about 1980 or so we were driving heading west out of Helena...
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    Nosler Accubond 140 grain vs. 160 grain-Elk

    I'd go with that and not think twice about it!
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    new bullet suggestions

    165 gr. Accubonds or Partitions IMR4350 or H4350 56-58 grs. should find a sweet spot. Start lower. 57.4 grs of IMR4350 with either the 165 gr. Accubond or Partition is my huckleberry Federal 210 Match primer Winchester or Nosler brass
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    Seeking advice on things to do in Missoula vicinity

    Get everyone loaded up early one morning and take a drive up Highway 93 from Missoula and take the long drive through the Bison Range. It will take you about 2 hours or a bit longer if you do one or two of the short hikes up on top. Bring a lunch and stop at the picnic area on the way out...
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    WTB quality insulated hunting boots

    They have been around a long time as you can tell by looking at their web-site. My father used to be a lineman here in Montana and Whites climbing boots were all that the linemen wore. They held up to extreme use and fit like a glove and saved their feet daily. And they are made here in...
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    Non Lead Rifle Ammo Experience Question- fragments in meat?

    My sons shot a deer, a couple antelope, and a nice cow elk with a 6mm Remington using 90 gr. E-tips. We haven't found any chunks of bullet and have not recovered any either. All have went in one side and out the other, even on the cow broadside at 350 yards.
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    WTB quality insulated hunting boots

    Try White's Dry Foot boots are fantastic. You can contact Whites and they can tell you how to measure your foot and actually send this to them and they would make a boot to fit you! I have an uninsulated pair of these boots with the Montana Claw sole on them. Best leather hunting boot I...
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    2019 elk, weapon and ammo

    The 270 is a really fine elk cartridge. I have loaded for a buddy of mine who has taken several nice bulls with his .270. His load is 130 gr. Nosler Partitions. I would try some 130-140-150 gr. bullets and see what your rifle likes. There are a lot of fine bullets out there but the Nosler...
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    6 x 42 fixed scope

    Europe if you have not purchased your scope yet you can probably guess the one I would tell you to get. It would be the Leupold 6x42mm scope. I love that scope and that is what is on my 6mm Remington. My 30-06 has a fixed 4x scope, but I do prefer the fixed 6x. It still shoots wonderfully...
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    Do it all caliber and bullet weight

    280 Remington or 280 AI with a good 140-160 gr. bullet. I really like Nosler Partitions & Accubonds. Nothing wrong with the E-tip either. 30-06 with a 165 gr. Nosler Partition or Accubond.
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    Boot Waterproof Products

    Obenaufs & Montana Pitch Blend. They both work very well and last longer than any other type of leather treatment I have tried. I put a couple coats on and then put the boots on the Peet Boot Dryer overnight and then do a couple more coats. The real mild heat opens up the pours in the...
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    Scouting for Montana Mountain Goats

    Very nice! Best of luck on your hunt.
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    thank you

    Hope you are feeling better Europe. Man all you have to do is look at the picture that elkduds posted and it would lift anyone! David
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    Taking a cow elk on an either sex tag

    Had a special either sex elk tag in a hard to draw unit. Could not afford to go back again as it was 400 miles to the area, work, and other things. Had my 10 year old son beside me in the sagebrush and Junipers as we sneaked into 200 yards of several cows feeding. It was last light and...
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    Lady friendly elk calibers and model?

    I shot a spike bull a few years back at 350 yards with a 25-06 using a 120 gr Nosler Partition. He did not travel maybe 30 yards before going down. I let a young man shoot a cow with the same rifle and load shoot his first elk which was a nice cow at 250 yards. She ran about 50 yards and...