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    Long Drive with High Mileage Truck

    Had a couple exploder trips out west too! Fuel pump blowout, radiator hose blowout and maybe a couple other little things but always got around fine. Dodged a bullet on one trip by inspecting the rear spring shackles just prior to leaving.... a very cheap replacement avoided a serious road...
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    What's my problem

    Agree with above, focus on the north facing conifer dominated slopes up high, get in the timber, follow little creeks and seeps up until you start seeing sign. If no sign, try a different drainage or mountain. Then circle back in a few days and check again. You have to hunt where there is...
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    Small Game opportunities around Craig in Sept

    Great! Thanks all! Time for me to do some more research, nice to know what is in the area. I'll be sure to follow up after my trip if I get a chance to chase anything other than the Elk.... and even if I don't I will still follow up to let you know if I see those grouse up in the mountains!
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    Small Game opportunities around Craig in Sept

    I will be in Craig, CO up to the WY line area in mid-Sept for elk and might have time to explore around afterwards but I don't know anything about CO small game hunting and would like to give it a go. Birds or bunnies would be fun! I won't have a dog with me and this is not intended to be a...
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    Reminder - Be Careful

    Wow. Glad he's OK and will live with only a scar. We all know but sometimes need these reminders that accidents happen. I by no means live the most adventurous outdoor life but like all of you, have had my moments. I have been lucky, more often than not, for two reasons. 1) I try not to be...
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    First hunting experience (not good)

    Nothing much more to say than most of what has already been covered. Keep your head up. Learn from the experience and try to minimize a repeat. Keep practicing. Limit your shots to 1/2 what you practice for awhile. Make it a game of discipline and controlling those points of failure. You...
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    CO leftover day

    Loving the comments about tag fever. I was an adrenaline mess when my 1st choice tag suddenly was available after 2 and a half hours of watching this morning and I got it into my cart. The pressure to enter credit card, hunter ID, etc is bad enough. Then a little warning saying I didn't check...
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    CO leftover day

    Thank the lord! This morning I pulled a rabbit out the hat from the leftover list. A 7pp (NR) ES muzzleloader tag!!! After ~50 other unsuccessful applications, this one feels pretty darn good.
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    Taking a cow elk on an either sex tag

    Arrowed a cow on the last afternoon of a WY Unit 7 hunt (likely a OIL tag for a NR), surrounded by rubbed trees, with a bugling bull in earshot, no regrets whatsoever. It was a great hunt and I had very little time left. It made the 2,000 mile drive home MUCH happier than dragging empty...
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    Sneaky bear

    Was working today with a colleague and we were doing a botanical study that required us to ponder the identity of a fern. As we kneeled by the plant for I would say a minute or two, a black bear silently (and I mean silently) had snuck in 10 yards behind us and stole my colleague's lunch out...
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    Population Growth and Hunting in Rocky Mountain States

    Although I am from the east, I share a lot of the ominous feelings about population growth out west. I have been going out there for over 20 years and have seen the changes. But there are things that could be done. More Traditional seasons. Less road development. Less ATV's. If it provides...
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    Need a fact check/explanation on quota/app numbers

    Can someone explain this from the statistics. Numbers are all over the map from 2018 to 19. Case in point. Doe antelope 72-6. Quota up 166. 1st choice apps up 527 (a 516% year over year gain!) What explains this kind of thing? And were doe antelope apps up 13% or more???? Starting to get...
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    Eye Contact with Animals

    100% agree there is some phenomenon with direct eye contact. The “jolt” effect. In the same way it plays out when looking for a friend in a crowd or when you get busted stealing an innocent glance at the best looking girl in the room!
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    What is the ultimate outdoor job?

    Environmental consulting is a good gig for those in highly regulated states.
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    CO 201 Antelope - Doe Tag

    I also saw them around 72. You should be able to find a doe out there somewhere. I heard bigger bucks lurk closer to WY and I believe it as I saw tons if goats in WY north if the border all the way up to Rt. 80, but you are not after those so who cares. Get your doe early, get her on ice, then...
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    Archery OTC Dilemma

    I drive a lot farther than 15 hours to get out there and if going solo is what it takes, than solo I will go. A buddy or hunting partner can make the drive more enjoyable and helps with camp and packing, but if I had to be honest, once the hunting party exceeds 1, the focus on the hunt goes...
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    Archery Antelope Advice.

    My first antelope was an archery buck. I did not hunt over water but I hunted using terrain and vegetation and did some strategic stalks and sits to start the hunt. I started noticing that various herds and individuals were crisscrossing a ridge using a particular saddle and so when the coast...
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    Wyoming Antlerless Antelope Draw Question

    :unsure: And here all along I thought all antelope tags were antlerless. ;)
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    Wyoming Moose Pref Point Charge???

    I just got my refund from Wyoming for moose and it was exactly $150 short of what I expected, which of course, is equal to the NR pref point fee. I am certainly not above making a mistake but I don't recall seeing or selecting a PP as an option, and there is no reason in the world why I would...
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    Pa Elk

    South of 80 has lots of habitat, but more people and ag. So why not just have it be unlimited archery down there? That would keep them wary, out of farm fields and provide opportunity. The optics of requiring the State to have to kill every elk that crosses the wrong road is terrible. The...