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    A Yank in England, Part 3

    As some of you may recall, Devon Deer (Richard) picked my name out of the internet hat to hunt deer in England with him. Later Lee Cooper offered to include a few days in Norfolk to the trip. Timing and schedules prevented my family from joining me on the trip. I hunted six days do it’s a lot...
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    Idaho Spring Bear

    My son was lucky and drew a controlled bear tag in Idaho. Most of Idaho is OTC (which is great) but spot and stalk hunters have to complete with baiters and houndsmen. The controlled hunt is S&S only. We saw a good amount of bears. Some were too small or sows with some we couldn’t reach. We...
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    MR Metcalf, Day lid and 6500 Bag.

    I had the Metcalf sold earlier but the sizing was wrong for the buyer. I'm now willing to break-up the set for a sale. I have a 1st Gen Metcalf I'd like to sell. Small Belt & Large Yoke. $400 TYD. No blood, no stains, very little wear/fabric abrasion. Comes with the following: - Left and...
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    WTS: Mystery Ranch Frame, Metcalf and 6500 Bag

    For sale Mystery Ranch NICE Frame in coyote brown with the hip pockets attached, day lid, Metcalf in CB and 6500 bag in CB. Frame is large yoke with small belt. Would prefer to sell as a package, no trades and Paypal preferred. $650 for everything!
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    Idaho's Bighorn Rams

    Good video on Idaho's sheep.
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    Idaho Bighorn Sheep Hunt

    I thought I'd let the pictures speak for themselves.
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    WTB: Swarovski ATM-80

    I'm looking a used Swarovski ATM-80. PM if you have one or know of one. Thanks Bryan
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    Idaho Bighorn Sheep Lottert Tag

    Do any of you know this guy?
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    RMEF Spending Money in Idaho

    This is great news! Thanks RMEF from an Idaho elk hunter.
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    Oregon did a five year study a few years ago with radio tagged deer. They found that as many deer were poached as killed legally each year. Think about that. In Idaho, roughly 45K deer are legally killed each year. Oregon would argue that another 45K are poached. Even if the number is 25%...
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    MR Longbow Pack Only

    MR Longbow Pack Only (no frame) in Coyote Brown. I've used the pack 8-10 times to carry lunch and optics. It hasn't carried any meat. Excellent condition. I can take pics if necessary but its I'm the same condition as when shopped from MR. $150 shipped. PM if interested.
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    The Lance Armstrong doping ban has me wondering about doping for hunters. A little research showed that some special forces units dope before prolonged deployments. All fair in love and war, right? I'm been training hard for my upcoming sheep hunt. At this point, I'd consider about anything...
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    Idaho Wild Sheep Banquet

    The Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation Banquet is coming up this Saturday on February 18 in Boise at the Riverside Hotel. Why should you attend? - Great food – including Prime Rib. - Two free drink tickets with each registration - Great hunts being auctioned – BC Mountain Goat Hunt, BC Moose hunt...
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    Browning BPS Rifled Deer Hunter

    Browning Rifled BPS Deer Hunter 12 Gauge 3” Chamber, 22” Cantilever Barrel Used 2 seasons, approximately 30 rounds fired Good condition, a few minor scrapes Includes Cabela’s Pine Ridge Shotgun Scope 2.5x7 X 32mm Weaver 1” rings Browning Sling May include 8 boxes of 12 gauge slugs (depending on...
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    The Show

    I finally had some time last night to watch the first four episodes. Good stuff! I was a little nervous when I saw you pulling the trailer for the WY Elk hunt. Thanks God you didn't have an ATV in tow. You need to figure out how to get past the wilderness filming laws so you can films some...
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    Call in the dogs!

    IDAHO FISH AND GAME HEADQUARTERS NEWS RELEASE Boise, ID Date: January 5, 2009 Contact: Ed Mitchell (208) 334-3700 chukar and partridge seasons to close early Partridge hunters: Hold your fire. The 2008-2009 chukar and gray partridge hunting season will be closed statewide effective...
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    GSP Stud Idaho

    I'm looking for a GSP stud in Idaho to breed to my female. My female has German imports for parents and has been one of the most naturally talented dogs I've owned - backing naturally, good nose, etc. and I'd like to breed to something similar. Post or shoot me a PM if you have any leads on a...
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    Idaho's Second Drawing Results Are Up

    Cow tag for me.
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    I'm back from Sheep Hunting

    I returned last week after spending 15 days in the Frank Church chasing sheep. I had a buddy along for 7 days and spent the rest of my time alone. What an incredible area! I saw hundreds of deer and elk with enough sheep thrown in to make it interesting. On day 14, I had my chance. I...
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    Show me your Bighorns!

    To follow T-Bones lead on the goat thread, Show me you Bighorns. I'm trying to learn to field judge rams. I've read Gilchrist's method but most of the pics I can find with scores are B&C rams, a No Duh scenario. I doubt I would see a 180+ ram in the area I'm hunting but if I did, I'd shoot...