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    "A Fine and Pleasant Misery"

    Can't go wrong with McManus. Been a big fan ever since I was a kid when every month my dads copy of Field and Stream showed up in the mail. First thing I would do is turn to the back page, sit on the couch and bust a gut. Never have read or heard anyone funnier than McManus.
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    Blacktail Medford, Oregon area

    If you're staying in Shady Cove I would suggest hunting the Rogue / Umpqua divide. If you are really interested in bear as well I would suggest the Applegate unit. There is a lot of poison oak there but at least the ground is flat. Unfortunately all that flat ground is tilted sharply up and down.
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    Poll: Would you shoot a doe with a fawn?

    A long time ago I did shoot a cow elk that had a calf but I guess I'm getting soft in my old age so I would just let them go
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    John and Chris’s 2019 Roosevelt Adventures

    Keep it up you'll get it done. I went out for four days this week, kinda hot and didn't see an elk but did spook a small buck as I drew back on him. good luck
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    John and Chris’s 2019 Roosevelt Adventures

    The fire danger is extreme down here in the southern part of the state. Not sure why since like you say this has been one of the coolest summers I've seen in my 65 years here. Supposed to be some of the hottest weather of the summer for the opening of the season though, seems to always work out...
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    Need some new hunting foods

    Mixed nuts (no salt) with dried cherries mixed in. I smoked and canned 15 pints of trout this summer so I got plenty of fish. But I still need my summer sausage and cheese. Add apples, pears and plumbs from my trees and tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden and my wife's famous zucchini cookies...
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    What pistol do you carry on hunts

    Nothin. Too heavy.
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    Worst thing you've forgotten before a big hunt trip?

    I forgot my tags once but luckily I noticed before I started hunting. It was only a two hour drive back home but that is still a bunch of gas I won't get back. My partner an I use to split the food, I would supply one day and he would the next for the whole hunt. One trip he got in a hurry and...
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    Recurve advice for elk.

    I resemble that remark. I got a 65# Martin Mamba about 25 years ago. Then 5 years ago a medical issue set me back a bit so that I couldn't even draw it half way back. Had to barrow a 50# Browning from my nephew that I have used the last four years. Then last January I decided to try and build...
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    Best T-Rex Medicine

    Going with a spear. Real men hunt with spears and if you hunt with the wind to your back getting close shouldn't be a problem.
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    ODFW ban on deer/elk urrine based scents

    May not be necessary but better safe than sorry.
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    What’s the worst item you’ve lost?

    I know a guy who lost a wife partly do to "too much time spent hunting"
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    Road blocks in New Mexico

    Haven't seen a game check roadblock since I was a kid. My older cousin told me a story, don't know if it was true but I believed him at the time. I Later learned my older cousins were full of BS about half the time. He said he knew these folks that never got a license or tags. They had a cabover...
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    This stinks...

    Unless it's a new string it is probably just wore out I always have a spare on hand because I have had several break over the years and it is always a loop that gives out.
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    Wait...That Ain't Right

    At work one day we came upon a big old cedar tree with a hollow trunk like a lot of old cedars tend to have. This one had a crack from the ground up abut 5 ft. Maybe a foot wide at the bottom tapering down to nothing. About 3 ft. off the ground we saw what appeared to be a dogs snout sticking...
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    What else have we been wrong about forever?

    In Scandinavia they call moose elk. So as not to be out done we here in Oregon decided we would start calling moose elk also but we only have a dozen or so elk (moose) in the state so there wasn't much reason to be calling them anything. So we decided, why not start calling elk moose? So now we...
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    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    I'm a big fan of all the journals on here but I must say that so far this one seems to be lacking something. Like a journal maybe. Kinda wanted to see what the kid was going to do. Didn't get to do any hunting when I was 20 because when I was 20 uncle Sam was telling me what to do as well as how...
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    What’s the worst item you’ve lost?

    Notice how often canoes are involved. My best friend refuses to ever get in a canoe. He tells me that canoes were invented by Indians, not to use but to convince the white man that they were boats. In hopes that they would all drown.
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