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    Western Wyoming

    I drew the general tag this year and will be hunting in Sept (archery). I've currently been pouring over 85, 86, 89, 90, 92 and 94 specifically. I was wondering if anybody had experience in any of these areas with a bow during Sept and if so, if you would be interested in having a conversation...
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    Best Questions that people should ask an elk biologist

    Going to call the biologist in the next week regarding upcoming archery elk hunt in Wyoming. Aside from the generic questions one typically asks a biologist regarding their hunt, what are some good questions that the average person doesn't think to ask a biologist?
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    Diamond Creek Zone Idaho Elk

    How quickly did it sell out this year for OTC archery?
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    Wyoming 107

    Hi all, I am looking for a bit of help with regard to elk in unit 107 during archery season. I'd love to talk over PM if you have any insight but I am hoping to find out if elk are simply in the unit (specifically the central southern portion of the unit) during archery season. I was talking to...
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    2019 Wyoming Elk

    Thoughts on what will happen this year with amount of points it will take to draw the general? 2pp was a slam dunk in the regular draw in years prior, looking back at the data it looks like only 58% of apps with 2pp were taken last year in the regular. Think it will level off at all or will 3 to...
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    New Hoyt Bows

    Coming out this Thursday...11/1
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    GoHunt/Cody Nelson/Outdoorsmans

    Crazy to see on GoHunt that Cody Nelson is now making GoHunt "the optics authority" (something he said for many years with Outdoorsmans). I dont really have any opinion on the issue, just was curious as to why GoHunt grabbed him away from the Outdoorsmans when Cody was the backbone of that...
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    NR Wyoming General Elk Tag Draw Odds

    Am I reading this correctly that for 2018, to draw the general tag (regular draw/NR) only 58.43% of people with 2pp were successful? Just looking back over this (not hunting elk this year) and was baffled to see that just under 60% drew the general tag with 2pp. 2pp used to be a slam dunk for...
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    Idaho app question

    I’ve hunted Idaho elk OTC one time and thought that I was familiar with the draw process for the limited entry units. However I was shooting my bow at my local shop and a guy who hunts Idaho every year says he does the “December” draw for elk and is successful every year. He was really nebulous...
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    AZ Draw

    When does it open online for deer apps? I know the deadline is early June but its still not available via my portal. Anyone know when it opens?
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    Vegan Folks

    Q: How do you know if someone is a vegan? A: Dont worry, they'll tell you.
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    Things in the wilderness that you cant "unsee"

    Was reminiscing about a Colorado archery elk hunt from a few years back with a friend yesterday afternoon and got to laughing pretty hard about a crazy experience from the hunt. Thought I would share it on here for multiple reasons...1)To continue the therapeutic healing process. 2) To see how...
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    Arizona Lic and Draw

    Hey all, Still learning the AZ lic and draw. I read that in Arizona, just like Utah, a NR Hunting/Fishing license is good for 365 days from the date of purchase. So is it possible, like in Utah, to buy a lic before the big game drawing is due, then use that same license to apply during the big...
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    Utah Points

    Is it possible to simply buy a point during the application period in Utah? For some reason I cannot find this anywhere. If so, do you know the cost of only the point? Thanks!
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    Wyoming Cow Depredation Question

    Hi all, I have a question that I know there is an answer to, however, I cannot seem to find it in the regs. I have a friend who owns a ranch in Wyoming. Next elk season (Fall of 2018) will be an "off" year for me where I am in between with points in states and unlikely to draw anything anywhere...
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    Wyoming Elk Question

    Hi all, I have one point in Wyoming and was planning on applying as a non-res for a general unit (archery hunt) for the fall of 2018, specifically unit 107 in the south. I have a friend who purchased a ranch in the area and he said when I draw, I would be able to hunt his property. I understand...
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    knife sharpening in the backcountry...

    What steel do you guys carry with you in the bush and are you happy with it?
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    California Draw

    Anybody pull anything crazy? Got blanked across the board...had extra hope for Bighorn and Tule...not this year...again
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    WYO Elk Preference Point Question

    Hey all, I have not applied to Wyoming before and have read the regulations but am unclear about one aspect of the preference point allocation. I am a non-resident and will be buying a PP after July 1st 2017. It seems as though my PP will be applied to my 2018 application correct? If that is the...
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    Vortex Tripods

    I know Outdoorsmans is the popular choice (I'm not disagreeing) but was curious if anybody has used any of the Vortex Tripods. I really love supporting their company and am in need of a new tripod. The price point is a bit better than the Outdoorsmans too. I love Vortex binos and have had an...