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    Methods to keep quality of frozen fish longer?

    Wrap the fillets in tin foil, then submerge them in water in a ziplock. Walleye fillets taste about the same as fresh caught I would think it would work the same on all species.
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    Late season waterfowl

    Excellent hunt.... congrats
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    Excited for 4th season

    Good luck old timer, the mulies are in trouble.
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    Goose hunt of a lifetime

    Nicely done... The snows you shot were they mainly juvies ?
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    Moose antler carving

    I found a nice moose shed and was wondering if anyone knows who does a nice job either carving a picture or painting one on it ? Walked for a few miles looking for the other side with no luck.
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    Backpacking meat
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    As they lay

    Colorado 2016
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    Teddy Bridgewater hurt in practice today

    Hopefully Teddy makes a full recovery. The pain never seems to end for all Viking fans.
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    Whitetails of the great north woods.
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    Blaser Rifles

    Does anyone have a blaser, are they worth the money ?
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    Sitka jacket

    Thanks for the input guys...
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    Sitka jacket

    What do you all recommend for a cold weather Sitka jacket ? I was looking at the incinerator or jet stream jacket, but undecided on which one.
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    Boundary Waters

    Its hard to beat a jig and minnow this time of the year in northern minnesota.
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    OYOA - Big changes coming

    Congrats Randy... Wishing you the best.
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    legal or illegal

    He was hunting unit 24.
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    legal or illegal

    Saw a guy field dressing a 4x3 bull elk on our trip to colorado in early oct. I talked to him briefly as he was almost done gutting , he had the male portion attached to the quarters as they are suppose to be. Two days later I walked by the same spot and he had packed all the meat out, but had...
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    Snow Goose hunting in MO . . . .

    Tony Toye with Big River Guide Service runs a top notch business.
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    You're givin' me a heart attack!

    Wow thats scary. Glad to hear your doing better Randy.
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    Shooting stix

    What is the best shooting stix or a bipod from the kneeling position.
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    Downloadable GPS maps needed-Montana

    How about colorado whats the best hunting maps there that can be downloaded.