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  1. rveen

    South Central Wyoming GEN tag - Archery Elk - Forum Scouting

    Looking for any insight on the following questions. I have a GEN area in mind in South Central WY and am doing scouting with Google maps, onX, books, etc. I'm planning an Archery elk hunt in September in a General area. Will it be as busy as rifle season? There are lots of roads in the area...
  2. rveen

    YouTube Video Request - Strength Training w/ Marcus

    Now that I drew a Wyoming elk tag, I'd be curious to see how Marcus trains in the field with a heavy pack. Does it matter if the weight is in the pack or should it loaded directly on the load sling? Thanks
  3. rveen

    Whitetail Shed - Michigan - 1st of 2019

    Found my first shed of the season... whitetail in SW Michigan.
  4. rveen

    Anxiously awaiting Wyoming Non-Res elk drawing results...

    Will I get Regular GEN license with 2 preference points? I would have had around 50% chance last year. How many additional people applied this year making it harder to draw???? The suspense is killing me... Does anyone know what time the results are available tomorrow (Feb 21)? Good luck to...