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  1. Ben Nicholson

    What States Have You Hunted

    Mine is pretty small: Iowa: Everything Illinois: Everything Minnesota (God’s County): Grouse, ducks, geese, deer, and bear Colorado: Elk Washington: Elk South Dakota: Pronghorn
  2. Ben Nicholson

    Non hunting bucket list or dreams?

    Getting my private pilot license.
  3. Ben Nicholson

    Food along i70 frisco area.

    Not pizza or burgers, but the Lost Cajun in Friso is awesome. For pizza I’d go to Vail to get Pazzo’s.
  4. Ben Nicholson

    Looking for an option in the next 3 years

    WY. Start buying points this year.
  5. Ben Nicholson

    PSA: MR sale at Scheels

    No meat shelf, but I think it would still work decently for getting the first load out if you use it as a daypack.
  6. Ben Nicholson

    PSA: MR sale at Scheels

    If you’re in the market for a MR pack you might want to check your local Scheels. I just picked up a Scapegoat 35 in Iowa City for $150.
  7. Ben Nicholson

    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    I still think he has a chance. There’s so many running, and so many are on the far left that they’ll cannibalize the extremist vote. There are a lot of centrist here in Iowa, once he gets his name out there I think he’ll do alright. He just needs a little time.
  8. Ben Nicholson

    Swap hunt

    I’d help you out in Iowa, but it’s not otc. I used to live in IL so I could give you some general help there if that’s where you pick. Good luck, Ben
  9. Ben Nicholson

    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    Thanks for the feedback folks. He sure sounds like someone I can support. Looking forward to meeting him on the campaign trail.
  10. Ben Nicholson

    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. It’s nice to have a good (there’s no such thing as perfect) option to support and throw my tiny sphere of influence behind. As for his odds... I wouldn’t count him out. A lot of “unknowns” end up doing alright in Iowa.
  11. Ben Nicholson

    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    I just saw he’s tossing his hat in the ring for president. Living in Iowa, we have a disproportional say in who gets the nomination. It’s seems to me in order to get elected in MT you have to be pro hunting and fishing, but I don’t know anything about this guy. So my question to you Montana...
  12. Ben Nicholson

    Your impressions of Meopta binoculars

    My buddy runs Meopta, I run Swarovski. I like mine better, but his are darn good especially for the $$$.
  13. Ben Nicholson

    Iowa BHA pint night

    I just sent you a PM. Thanks, Ben
  14. Ben Nicholson

    Iowa BHA pint night

    Just a quick update that we have added two more pint nights. One in Coralville, and one in Sioux City. Hope to meet some of you at one.
  15. Ben Nicholson

    Iowa BHA pint night

    Here you go: Please help spread the word. Thanks!
  16. Ben Nicholson

    Iowa BHA pint night

    The Iowa City/Coralville event will likely be a weeknight, so no interfering with a game day. I believe a Sioux City event is in the works. If you use the Facebook, we have a page there to keep people updated on events and issues.
  17. Ben Nicholson

    Iowa BHA pint night

    Right now Ankeny is the only one scheduled. We’ll be having one in the Iowa City area mid October. I’m sure we’ll be adding more, but we’re just getting the chapter started up at this point. Hopefully you can make it to one.
  18. Ben Nicholson

    Iowa BHA pint night

    Just wanted to let my fellow Iowans know that we are starting up a BHA chapter in the state. Our first pint night will be at Whiskey River in Ankeny on September 29th from 6:00 - 9:00. Hope to see some of you there.
  19. Ben Nicholson

    Hey bigfin only in Iowa

    Hey, that’s my DQ!
  20. Ben Nicholson

    Any Real Estate Agents?

    Two other things I'd suggest. First, pick the broker you are going to work for wisely. You don't have a reputation in real estate yet, but your broker does. Second, don't waste your money buying leads from the likes of zillow,, etc... . It's a complete waste of money, and time.