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  1. jnd1959

    Duck decoys or geese shells

    Looking for large or magnum floaters (mallards, pintails). I just need to replace about a dozen that I'm retiring. Will be hunting further north this year so some Canada shells are on my list as well. Thanks
  2. jnd1959

    This month's Backcountry fuel box.

    Thought I'd start a discussion on this month's fuel box. I got mine today and I won't spoil it for those who haven't but I will say there are no chocolate chirp cookies. It looks like a decent haul. Post what you like and don't like. My son has already raided the beef sticks and said the bbq...
  3. jnd1959

    Kansas pheasant suggestions

    Well, since we didn't draw Wyoming we've scrapped the mountain hunts in favor of some flatland bird harassment. Any suggestions on guides/CSAs? My son has never hunted behind dogs so I'm thinking a place where we ca can hunt wild birds in the morning and a CSA in the afternoon. He was going to...
  4. jnd1959

    Painting backpacks

    I have several osprey backpacks that I'd like to repurpose for hunting, at least this coming year. They all have a lot of miles on them but are still in good shape. Trouble is they are all blue. Has anyone tried to use cloth paint on a backpack? Suggestions appreciated.
  5. jnd1959

    Haul Road Caribou

    I've searched the most recent threads on the Haul Road. They mostly appear to be from 2017 and before. My Daughter, son and I are planning a trip to AK for caribou in 2020. I've done a some reading on the haul road and on transport and such. With that in mind I would appreciate some answers...
  6. jnd1959

    Preserving whole hide and gutless method

    I've always liked the feel of a young cow elk hide and wondered how they would hold up if tanned. I'm thinking of trying to skin the next suitable elk for tanning but still do the gutless quarters. Has anyone tried this? Does it even make sense? I'm very allergic to deer hair but don't seem to...
  7. jnd1959

    Son's first elk hunt this fall.

    If point creep doesn't get us, my son and I are hunting pronghorn in Wy for three days then he's hunting second season OTC elk in Co. The unit we're looking at has a recent burn area at 6 to 8k but a lot of access and roads through it. There's also a wilderness area about 15 miles away that...
  8. jnd1959

    AK Caribou tags

    My son, daughter and I are planning a Haul Road caribou hunt in 2020. I'm a little confused about the tags. When I read the Alaska guidelines it appeared the tags were draw only. But when I read older posts people talked about buying otc tags. Have the regs changed in the last few years? If so...
  9. jnd1959


    from Texas. Hunted Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Florida. Taking my youngest to Wyoming for Pronghorn if we draw this year and then otc elk in Colorado as well. Planning to be in Arizona for Cues in January with my #2 son and daughter. Bucket list items : Fish the...