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  1. ZBB

    New tires

    To quote a Christmas story, my “tires were bald and once made of rubber” it was time to put some new ones on. This has been my first time replacing tires on a 3/4 ton so the more expensive tires were kind of a kick in the pills but, no biggie. Was told by my wife that she was sick of hearing...
  2. ZBB

    Anyone near Gunnison?

    I’m not sure if this is the right spot for this or not but here goes. I drew a 54 first rifle tag and I am anxious to get in there and stomp around. I know Colorado has a higher than usual snowpack so I was wondering if someone local could tel me what the snow situation is like. I found this map...
  3. ZBB

    Selway Quiver problem

    As the title states I have a selway strap on quiver, I have grizzly two blade broad heads on FMJs, after 4-5 shots all my arrows start to slip down out of the hood. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what/how did you correct it? Thanks Zach
  4. ZBB

    Reading Co draw stats help

    I am having trouble figuring things out in the drawn out report. If the report says leftover n/a, did that tag go to the left over list? Also is there a way to see the initial leftover list? I could have sworn there were leftover tags for the season and unit that I wanted. Thanks in advance...