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    5 points to burn CO rifle muley?

    Ha I was pretty observant on that one.
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    5 points to burn CO rifle muley?

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    Anxiously awaiting Wyoming Non-Res elk drawing results...

    I drew bull tags in Washington twice. There are some great hunts there. I would love to draw a hunt in any state that would be a better hunt. The downside like you say is horrible odds. I have a handful of points in Wyoming and swung for the fence. Don't really care if I draw an elk tag and if...
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    Sheep raffles / auctions and thoughts on implications

    So lets say Wyoming has been paying $2mil out of pocket for CC fees. This year they are collecting $2mil more from hunters to pay for that $2mil in CC fees they have been paying for in the past. Now they have $2mil more to spend on wildlife. It doesn't matter if they call it a CC fee or not. It...
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    NR Whitetail hunts

    ND has some decent whitetails. Archery is otc rifle is a draw. There are decent numbers on public but a lot of them are on the private. If you hunt the edges you can do fine.
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    Sheep raffles / auctions and thoughts on implications

    I agree. And after reading over and over how we should all be happy to pay the CC convenience fee in Wyoming since it helps out wildlife, shouldn't we all be happy to see the tags sold for as much as possible to help out the wildlife? Every non res tag in every state could probably be sold for...
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    CO 2019 Regs out

    Actually its less to apply. Colorado is letting you opt out of purchasing a point if you want. Wyoming is more expensive, Utah less, Montana less, Idaho more, and on and on. Colorado is in the middle of the pack price wise when it comes to oil tags. And if you apply for all species Colorado is...
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    Solving Point Creep

    I think Colorado is one of the states that could solve point creep the easiest. Other states with less opportunity not so much. Its as easy as making you use your points if you have a tag for that species. Whether 1st choice, 3rd, landowner, it doesn't matter you burn your points. But most...
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    Colorado Draw Question

    Colorado is the most friendly non res state. Most units have a quota of 35% allocated to non res. Some are only allocated 20% which is still generous. The allocation % is only applied to first choice. Second through fourth choice non res and res are on the same playing field. So in your scenario...
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    CO 2019 Regs out

    Before the rules came out there is the proposal or whatever its called with changes underlined in red etc. All the units you mentioned plus a few more that usually start 1 week after archery starts were going to start the same day as archery this year, August 31st. CBA heard about it and brought...
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    Arizona point trick!

    Yep AZ used to seem like an expensive state to me. Now with how expensive other states are becoming to apply its not out of line. And I have read more than once on this forum and others how we should all be happy to pay these license prices or CC convenience fees since it is going back to...
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    I've had some great elk tags and killed a couple bulls bigger than most hunters will kill. That being said one of my favorite if not my favorite elk hunt was a cow hunt in Colorado. So yep I will pay the price if I have time in my schedule again.
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    Montana Preference vs Bonus points (NR)

    I know a couple guys from Wisconsin that didn't draw elk tags last year. As far as I knew they applied for the elk combo not the big game combo. I'll ask them.
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    Arizona point trick!

    It doesn’t work if you apply for the other draws. Also it has to be valid on the last day of the app period. It’s not like Utah.
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    Getting into the points game

    Ok in Arizona it makes sense to apply for all species since you have to buy a license anyway. So make sure you apply for an antelope point in AZ cause its only another $15. Now for the main question. I doubt you will have much better hunt in 6 years with 6 points then you can right now with...
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    Another Wyoming Unit 113 Post

    Pretty sure I've seen antelope in that area while driving through there. Whether public or private not sure. Looking at the map it looks like plenty of public land if you don't mind walking. And having guys with access through private driving by you.
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    Colorado Big Game Change??

    That is for just points in Wyoming. You need to add about $32 for elk and $25 for deer and antelope to actually apply. It’s over $200 to apply and build points in Wyoming for deer, elk, and antelope. It’s about $120 for deer, elk, and antelope in Colorado. Colorado is one of the least...
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    colorado unit 76 3rd rifle deer

    Are you a res or non res? I have looked at 76 for early season deer but never late season. I know when checking the DAU there are not a lot of deer in that DAU compared to some others I looked at.
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    Wyoming NR General Elk points

    It’s a little over $32 to apply once you get the refund if you don’t draw I believe. To me $32 is nothing to spend for 10% or better odds if it’s a hunt I want to do. I spend way more for odds that are way worse.
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    Quick CO questions

    I haven't looked to in depth yet this year for Colorado so I could be off slightly. My understanding is you need to buy a 2019 license like cedahm posted above. There is no point fee for deer and elk this year. Only sheep, moose, and goat. So it looks like this. You have to buy an $80 license...