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  1. SnowyMountaineer

    Wyoming Mule Deer 2019

    We'll do quite a few pictures this go-round, though as always the best ones have too much terrain to include. I rolled out early the day before the opener into a spot I hadn't hunted in a number of years. The plan was to meet a buddy up high who'd been in on horseback hunting with a bow. He'd...
  2. SnowyMountaineer

    Trich test lab service

    University lab services are pretty reasonable for many things these days. Anyone know of a lab that does mail-in or drop off trichninella testing of meat? I don't know enough about the testing process to know how carefully (and chilly) samples need to be handled. MT of course does the testing...
  3. SnowyMountaineer

    FS: Hilleberg Allak, Green

    Hilleberg Allak, green, original owner. Hilleberg Allak It is in very good condition but has been used. Always dried carefully before packing, no mildew or odors. No rips, holes, or tears; zippers are smooth. There are some dirt marks and scuffs from general use. I just got the fly back from...
  4. SnowyMountaineer

    FS: Western Mountaineering Lynx MF (-10), Long

    Western Mountaineering Lynx (-10), microfiber shell, long (6'6"), excellent condition, comes with storage bag and stuff sack. Always stored lofted, non smoking home. Would be tough to tell from new. Used very lightly; I haven't been backpacking late season as much since leaving MT a few years...
  5. SnowyMountaineer

    FS: Zeiss Victory T* FL, 10x42

    Zeiss Victory T* FL, 10x42, non lotu-tec, in very good condition. Glass is perfect, body excellent. Picked these up a month ago to mess around with compared to my SLC HD's. It was a much closer match than I expected, but decided to hang on to my others. Comes with factory case, strap, manual...
  6. SnowyMountaineer

    Antilocapra from Wyoming

    I took my boys out for the day to see if we could wrap up our antelope tags for the year. With lots of other hunts done and still in the works for this fall we needed to make it quick and fortunately it worked out well. We'd already filled one doe tag a month ago, needed to find a buck and one...
  7. SnowyMountaineer

    Wyoming Backpack Deer, 2018

    Sometime I may write about the details of this hunt in a more formal venue. For now it's just a little too raw. It was a deeply meaningful adventure and solid challenge. Many aspects of it were good clean fun. It was hot, deer were heading into timber early in the morning, and bucks were bedding...
  8. SnowyMountaineer

    Backpack Mule Deer Gear List, Sept. 2018

    It's been quite a while since I went to the trouble of weighing gear and plugging in alternatives, although I usually weigh my pack the day I leave and day I get back from a backpack trip. This is my favorite backpack hunt every year and it looks like this time the weather is going to be pretty...
  9. SnowyMountaineer

    WTB Stone Glacier Bag Only

    Helping a bud get set up with a pack. I have a Krux frame for him but need a bag. Most SG models in decent condition would work. Thanks!
  10. SnowyMountaineer

    Antler Mounting Hardware from HT Member, Rowdy in WY

    I few years back I bought some euro style mounting hardware on here from a guy in WY named Rowdy, I think he lived in Cheyenne. I don't know what his hunttalk handle is/was, or if he is still on here. Searches didn't bring me any success. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him please send a...
  11. SnowyMountaineer

    WTB: Compact Stock for Tikka T3/T3x

    Looking to put a barreled action I've got in a compact Tikka stock for kid use. Factory take off, 12.5 LOP is what I'm after. Thanks!
  12. SnowyMountaineer

    2017 Backpack Deer

    I got to spend a few days doing my very favorite type of hunt this September, a backpack trip up high for mule deer. With lots of meat left in the freezer I had a chance to be picky. I hiked in to a general unit I'd been in a couple of years ago and set up shop. For the first couple days the...
  13. SnowyMountaineer

    "Hunter-Naturalist" Program

    Please consider the following concept and reply in the poll. Suppose a western state offered a "Hunter-Naturalist" certification, with online learning modules. Topics might include things like: basic ecology of plants/animals/riparian systems, how wild animals interact with their environment...
  14. SnowyMountaineer

    Backpack Elk 2016

    Things took an interesting turn last spring when I broke my ankle playing basketball. I worked hard on rehab and still managed to get out and find some bears. I was tuning up physically on a hike in August when my other foot started giving me some pain after the first 1/4 mile. I kept trucking...
  15. SnowyMountaineer

    For Sale: Metcalf Bag and Lid

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf, Gen 1, coyote tan, excellent condition. NICE frame not included. I also have a daypack lid that I will include if desired. Buyer can look it over for a day and return if not as described. "I'll take it" goes. Thanks! Metcalf and Daypack Lid: $195 shipped Metcalf, no lid...
  16. SnowyMountaineer

    Mystery Ranch NICE Frame FS

    Mystery Ranch NICE frame, hipbelt pocket upgrade, med yoke, med hipbelt, coyote tan. Signs of use but in excellent condition. $200 shipped
  17. SnowyMountaineer

    WY Antelope '15

    After a couple of physically tough hunts I was ready for some antelope. I made the day trickier by losing my keys in the sagebrush, nearly getting stuck in a ditch, and missing two wind calls...but ended up recovering this buck after a couple hour rodeo. Not the way generally operate, I'm just...
  18. SnowyMountaineer

    Frustrating but Fruitful, WY Deer Up High

    I scouted a good buck this summer that I wanted to go after...little did I know I'd have two in my scope that topped it. The weather hit H and G with a vengeance on the opener. I'd backpacked in planning on getting wet, and paired with the wind it was about as cold as I've been. With no...
  19. SnowyMountaineer

    WY Backpack Elk

    With a recent job change and birth of our third child, time off has been a little scarce this fall. I work hard to be efficient and put myself in a good position to harvest animals with minimal drama. Three days before the rifle elk opener I spotted a bull good enough to convince me to change...
  20. SnowyMountaineer

    McMillan Mtn. Rifle Stock, Rem 700 SA, Badger M4 BDL metal

    -McMillan Mountain Rifle Pattern stock, standard fill, Rem. 700 S/A inlet, pillars, inlet for Badger M4 BDL style bottom metal, 34 oz., black with gray/olive drab pattern done by the previous owner. There is a small cutout for a side bold release. Barrel channel is a Bartlein #3, essentially...