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    Montana Antelope draw question

    Good day all, Quick question from someone not familiar with the Montana Draw System. My hunting group applied for antelope( not antelope B or 900) in one of the northern Montana zones last year for the first time. We all purchased Priority points last year and this year as it was our second...
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    Shed thread

    Post up pics on one thread for this years finds.....
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    Perseverance pays off on a giant Alberta whitetail

    My brother in law has had some tough times over the year with a major eye injury last year. The story to come is a great example of keeping at it and how things can work out. I will bring this on a little at a time for some excitement!! The buck at the end is a true northern boreal forest...
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    Another great Alberta Shiras Moose

    well, we had another bull moose tag for a Unit that we have a great chunk of land to hunt. Its the same unit that we have hunted in the past with great success on 50" plus bulls. we saw this one in a good spot on opening day and was able to watch my close friend and two other guys work their...
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    I just couldn't pass him up......Alberta Mule Deer hunt

    Well after seeing him come out of draw chasing a doe at last light, we knew he had mass but was short and couldn't see what he had. We tried to find him in the am and found another buck for a buddy that was on the trip. After all the work was done we decided to walk the coulee he came from the...
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    Found a decent buck-Alberta

    went for a scouting trip to my zone that I was drawn in. Found this buck, looks like a possible shooter.
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    match set to start the year

    Man I wish they were all this easy....... went with my son for a two hour stroll and found four
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    Alberta mule deer 2016

    Our group had intended to draw 6 tags in a unit they four of us had history with, when the draws came out the two that had never drawn a special draw tag were successful and the rest were not drawn. They drove down on Tuesday to scout and obtain permission while they gave us constant updates...
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    Euro moose back

    Pretty happy with the way he turned out, never liked a shoulder mount on moose and do not have the space anyways.
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    Alberta Whitetail

    Well, after a bunch of time hunting moose earlier this year, it was now time to flip the switch and start thinking whitetails. My brother in law has a spot/ Landowner in Northern Alberta that he had gained a friendship with so it was time to pack up the Arctic Fox travel trailer and make the 5...
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    Alberta Shiras Bull Moose adventure

    Well after 11 years of applying, I have finally drawn a Alberta antlered moose tag for a region in Southern Alberta that falls within the SCI region for Shiras Moose range. I normally follow most of the B&C standards but do not see the political boundary as the best boundary for the moose as...
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    first one for the yr

    with a few fist pumps to the air and a few choice words, 2015 shed season has officially started for myself. 65 inch fresh brown, good luck to all!!
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    Alberta Public Land Mule deer

    Found this guy in the mountains while I was looking for a WT buck in my general zone with 500 hundred other crazy dudes with this freakin cold weather. Truck guage said -36 degrees celcius, I know it was colder with the windchill. 300 yd shot in the heart and an incredible slide down the hill...
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    Big antelope

    Anyone have any info on this buck? pulled the pic off a site saying it was being panel scored for B&C?Monster goat!!!
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    Matched up my big five

    After several trips in search of this antler, I finally found it with my 4 yr old sone by my side. What a feeling of elation to see it with my binos and make the slow walk up to confirm it was indeed the match. first pic is the first one found in early feb. last pic shows three sets I found...
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    One cranker 4 pt

    cold as hell here over the weekend with temps reaching the mid -60's celcius with the wind factored in. couple short walks yielded two fresh antlers, with one being a stud 4 pt.
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    3 more fresh ones

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    crazy way to start 2014 shed hunting

    found this match set 20 yds off the road, saw them in the bottom of my field of view while checking out some deer with my binos. Found the other antler on the same road, 3 hrs later. Turns out to be my heaviest 5 pt antler. the match set scores 143 without spread credit and the single went...
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    Alberta Moose adventure

    Spent 6 days in the bush looking for a good bull moose for my buddy that was drawn a limited entry tag. We probably seen close to 15 moose a day with more than half being bulls. The bull we took was the second biggest one we seen as the big guy kept out of our kill range. It was a fun trip...
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    Possible New Canadian record Antelope?

    Just was sent these pics of an antelope shot this yr. supposedly 18-5/8 on the long horn, grosses and nets in 90's which has never been done before north of the border. still waiting for more info. taken by a woman huntress. enjoy.