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  1. klampson

    Non-Bonded Bullets options

    Core-Lokts and Nosler BT have done me well over the years.
  2. klampson

    Win an Elk Hunt with Big Fin

    Submitting an entry is a no-brainer, done.....
  3. klampson

    Bullet Selection, 338-06

    I love my 338-06, it just kills things, and I've never been in a situation where I regretted carrying it. The most accurate combination I've found is 185 gr TTSX bullet and Varget powder. I tried heavier lead bullets but they were not as accurate in my rifle.
  4. klampson

    Reminder - Be Careful

    Very lucky, great reminder. All of my hunts are solo this year. I wish him a fast recovery.
  5. klampson

    Nevada success!

  6. klampson

    Leupold Custom Shop

    here is the link.
  7. klampson

    Leupold Custom Shop

    Ordered a purple VX-3i 3.5-10x40 from Leupold's Custom Shop for my wife to go on a rifle she won at a DU dinner. Looks like Leupold did an awesome job. My wife is super excited!!! Leupold posted a pic on their Instagram feed:
  8. klampson

    Powder for 7mm mag

    I've had good luck with IMR 4350 and 140 gr Accubonds.
  9. klampson

    Adult Onset Hunter

    Depending on how much time / enthusiasm you have, you can always purchase both. In CA you can have two deer tags. The General Seasons for the A and B zones pretty much run back to back. I hunt A zone, and I can tell you to expect warm temperatures, so plan accordingly. Most of the deer activity...
  10. klampson

    Nosler Accubond 140 grain vs. 160 grain-Elk

    Choose whichever is more accurate. I would have zero hesitation with either bullet.
  11. klampson

    Rings and bases

    I have Warne Mt Techs on one of my 300 win mags with a VX-6. Fantastic rings, well designed, lightweight yet rock solid. I have shot hundreds of rounds with this setup, and taken it on lots of hunts. No issues whatsoever.
  12. klampson

    New to hunting and and new to the talk(California hunting)

    I used to live in that area, welcome to the forum.
  13. klampson

    Arizona Draw Results

    Nothing for me.....
  14. klampson

    CO draw results

    My CO muzzleloader antelope tag arrived in the mail yesterday, yahoo!!!
  15. klampson

    AZ deer & sheep is posting

    No CC charges yet, but still have hope.....
  16. klampson

    Checking in from Southwest Wyoming

    Great photos, welcome!
  17. klampson

    Sitka Gear Investment

    I think you'll love the pants, they are awesome!
  18. klampson

    Washington's Pronghorn Future

    Cool photos, thanks for sharing!
  19. klampson

    Leupold vs. Vortex Warranty work

    I've experienced nothing but great customer service from Leupold. I currently own nine of their rifle scopes, and two spotters. I sent in four of my older VX-6 scopes to be upgraded/fitted with CDS Zero Lock turrets, and received them back in just two weeks. Then I had one of the turrets break a...
  20. klampson

    Tripod for Spotting scope

    I purchased my last Slik tripod and Sirui fluid head from goHunt using promo code RANDY. The tripod was $225 and fluid head was $150 after the discount. I don't like window mounts with large spotting scopes because its not a stable platform, and every time someone moves (even small movements) in...