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    Utah - Youth Any Bull Tag

    All, My son drew the Youth Any Bull tag for Sept 14 - 22nd, as we have never been to Utah hunting everything has been online scouting. I will be making a trip there Labor Day weekend to get boots on the ground but I am hoping to narrow down some of the areas I have been looking at. Below are...
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    Montana 700's Antelope

    My son drew his first antelope tag for the 700's in Montana and I am trying to do as much online scouting as I can since we are about 13-14 hour drive from the units and we have not hunted antelope before. From my research I can see that they are still on the rebound from bad winter kills...
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    Alaska DE702 - Raspberry Island Elk

    I had the good luck of drawing tag DE702 this year for Raspberry Island Elk and I am looking for a little guidance from anyone who has ever hunted that location for deer and or Elk. I am very set on doing this as a DIY drop hunt from fly-in transporter but still working on the rest of the...
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    Trekking Poles - Suggestions

    After listening to several of the podcasts and watching episodes, I am convinced that I need to try using Trekking poles for hauling out loads from the backcountry. What poles have people tried and what worked good vs what did not live up to expectations?
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    More Youth Hunt ideas

    Randy, I have what you referred to as adult onset hunting and the good news about that is that I have been able to learn everything that I have learned about hunting with my son who is now 11. Living in Eastern Washington, we are really limited to what opportunity he has to hunt Bull Elk (our...