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    Few field trial photo's

    Pointer's Wirehair My old Bodie. RIP buddy! Brittany Gordon and a Weim One more Gordon
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    packing out

    I really like these Randy Newman video's but got to see something else. Once you get way back in there and shoot something, how do you pack it out? I just can't imagine shooting a big game animal in two or three mile's or more and getting it out. I'm pretty sure you don't have a partner along...
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    Gfew new Srotmy photo' yesterday.ot a

    Here he was pointing a set of two birds I had planted for him. Next is him watching the first flush fly off. Last is him watching the second bird fly off!
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    Baby picture's

    Squirt came a couple weeks before Bodie so the first one is Squirt. Bodie
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    Pretty nice buck

    Don't see a lot of big bucks around here anymore. But this guy came into town a few years ago. Have seen a lot bigger here in town in the past.
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    This is the first bird dog this young lady has ever had, although she has one of her pup's now. She came over at 4mos because she knew I had pigeon's and wanted to try her out. Well she wasn't interested in birds then but one month later woke up running. Holly ran her in a few walking trials...
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    Two or three new dog photo's

    I recently heard that this dig died recently. This was taken last year and is a young dog. Don't remember the cause of death. Duke was really special to me. Came from LaGrande, Ore at 10 mos. The guy that had him gave him to some guy's from Portland. Pup had never been out of a kennel and was...
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    Got this at a field trial a few years ago and couldn't figure out how to separate the dog's. So it's just been occupying a spot in the computer. Few days ago I got over trying to separate them and instead made an 8x16" photo of them. Love it. Got some white matt board and put a double matt on it...
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    Brittany's casting off

    Hope this work's. Might be to long. Two Brittany's shortly after cast off at a Brittany's club field trial from 2013. Fooling with some old photo's yesterday and tried re-cropping this to a panoramic, 8"x16". Gonna frame it and see if I can find some more room on the walls somewhere for it...
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    two or three new dog pic's.

    Can't remember how to enter them so hope this works! A man and his dog!
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    Randy Newberg

    Just watched a couple of his videos, super! never seen any better than these. Wish he was around to ask a question though. He said going after the black bear that they were going in where bears had never seen a hunter before. If so, why would he worry much about the wind? If they have never seen...
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    A special rifle

    I inherited this rifle from a guy that was like a dad to me in 1995. He spent the last days of the service in the VA Hospital in Walla Walla, Wash, he was wounded in the Pacific. He got out and had this rifle made, a gift to himself. 1903 Springfield built by Paul Jaeger in 1949, year before I...
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    How's this for raising kids!

    Young pro handler from Idaho!
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    My Bodie. still miss him!

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    200 yd zero

    I read about this quite a bit. But I have never heard anyone explain the theory behind it. Could someone do that?
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    Anyone heard about bird hunting

    Wanting to go to E. Montana bird hunting this year but haven't heard anything promising about it. Anybody heard anything else?
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    Old building

    Like doing old building's too. This is just outside Sisters, Ore. Should find out who own's it and try to get wood to make photo frames from!
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    Turkey hunter's

    Do you guy's eat those thing's? Seem's like most the people I ask how they eat, don't like them. Actually there has been a few that were OK with them. Lot of turkey's around here, well abut 15 mi from here but I've never hunted them.
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    Coffee cup's.

    I had these made about a year ago for my dog's. Bodie's is on a stand with his collar and photo now. Bodie is in the middle. On the back is their call name and registered name.
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    The road home.

    I live right near the bottom of this hill. Got one somewhere I took after a freezing fog, really like it.