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    Caribou in the Brooks Range

    Following as well. Interested to learn more, this is on my bucket list. Hopefully within the next 5 years.
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    Shooting Tips

    Cheers for all the tips guys. Still have some fliers to dial in, but shooting monumentally better. 12 shot grouping with 4 fliers.(All shooter related) Really appreciate the tips. All of the books I have talk about comfortable shooting position but not natural point of aim. 165gr Nosler...
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    My First Elk - NM Bull

    That is fantastic. Couldn't imagine a better experience. Beautiful animal!
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    So long TV - Hello Amazon

    Cut the cord on cable TV 2 years ago and haven't looked back yet.. It's interesting the positive change I've experienced not being exposed on a daily basis to the messaging of Network TV. Looking forward to continued support on all your platforms BF!
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    Kimber Mountain Ascent - My Experience

    Great write up. If you start regretting your choice and want to swap for a .308 let me know. ;)
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    Shooting Tips

    I agree with this, based on my limited experience.. There are only 2 stations at my local range which position shooting can be practiced. I have spent enough time at the range that the officers know me by name and I've yet to see another person utilize one of these stations. To be fair, prior to...
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    Kimber Mountain Ascent - My Experience

    Thanks for sharing this, also found this to be a good read. I just go a killer deal on a Kimber Adirondack, but the only caliber available was .308.. Wasn't my preference, but for 60% off I can deal. What I have since discovered is that felt recoil in a sub-5# bolt gun is substantially...
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    Shooting Tips

    Appreciate all the feedback and tips! Been to the range every week, and will be implementing a lot of this. I can already realize some of the things I'm doing wrong before even heading out, mainly moving the rifle where I want the shot to go, rather than getting proper alignment and a Nautral...
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    Shooting Tips

    Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for!
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    City Bucks (pics)

    Looks like you're in need of some remediation, PM your address.. ;)
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    Shooting Tips

    I'm historically a MI whitetail hunter with shots seldom over 75 yards, so I've been working on stepping up my game to get out west. I'm pretty consistent prone & bench rest around 1-2 MOA, but I've started shooting from a seated position off of my pack, and that has really opened up my groups...
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    Season 7 - now on Amazon Prime

    Really enjoying the longer format of the episodes. I can get in about 2 miles on the treadmill with my pack per episode. More importantly I think it helps build the story line a bit better.
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    2019 WY Antelope Live Hunt

    Good stuff! Heading out that way for the first time myself this year. I've never even seen a live antelope, nor been to WY. Hoping to have a similar adventure and a little luck!
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    Bird Dogs

    I have an 8 year old GSP and she is still a maniac that requires significant amounts of exercise to keep her mind stable. Great dog all around though; she'll work a field all day long and hold a point, she'll retrieve ducks on land or water for me and can turn it off at the house and be a great...
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    Near Misses - Sharing Invaluable Life Experiences

    I was just listening to Rinella's recent podcast with John Nores and he was talking about using their misfortune / near death experiences while combating the cartel as teachable moments for new recruits in attempt to help prevent future re-occurrence with other teams. At the risk of seeming...
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    Can we talk about underwear?

    Not idea. I had to get mine special made in XL, but XS for the crotch. 🐢
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    Can we talk about underwear?

    Check out David Archey on Amazon. They take a couple days to get used to, but I'll never go back to any other underwear. They have separate pouches for your twig and berries so everything is where it belongs anatomically. Moisture wicking, anti-chafing...