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    Priceless Elk Camp

    Never know what camp will be all about!
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    Neoprene scope covers

    Being from WA scope covers are a necessity.Over the years I have had many of the flip up style covers, most broken or lost. Now I have a new Ziess Conquest HD-5 that I cannot seem to find a fitting flip up style cover for. After watching all of the Newburg videos and others ones too, and also...
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    Woman Killed by Black Bear

    Another Black Bear mauling, just over the border from Minn. in Canada, yesterday. The article ends like they normally do for a bear attack - this is so rare it hardly ever happens. Seems to me like I read and hear about it quite often anymore.
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    Wolf attack in Alberta?

    I heard a quick news clip on the TV last night about a Wolf attack on a family camping in Alberta. Came through the tent after them and the father fought it off with cuts and bite wounds. Has anyone got information on this encounter?
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    Snake questions

    I will be hunting mid to south central Idaho this fall for Mulies, I plan to go on a scouting trip to the areas I am looking at in about two weeks, the elevation ranges from 6,000 to 8,500 feet. Will i encounter rattlesnakes at this elevation? I have read some that this would be too high an...
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    Waiting on Washington

    Anyone else out there waiting on Washington permits? Friday the 14th is the day, and I'm feeling lucky this year, 18 points in the Bull elk category. If successful i will be hunting bulls just North of Mount Rainier Nation Park.
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    Question about Elevation

    Going to south central ID for mule deer in mid October, here is the question; I am looking at an area that is between 6,500' and 7,500'. The area is bordered by much bigger peaks, 9,000' on one side of the valley. Will I Be in deer at 6,500' in early to mid October considering no major snow? Or...
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    Deer Hunting Dilemma

    I have an issue that is most likely a good one to have...I possess a 2018 Idaho general deer tag, and also got drawn for a Mule deer permit in West central Montana. The issue I got is; I drew my first Mule deer permit in Montana last year and harvested a decent 3X2 buck in the opening week...
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    Aadland Engineering scope covers

    I am looking for flip up scope covers for my new scope. It is a Zeiss conquest HD5 3-15X50mm. The standard Butler Creek covers I can look at locally do not fit, so am looking at these Aadland engineering covers. The issue is I have tried to contact them with no response, this makes me a little...
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    Hunter numbers - Montana HD 215

    I have drawn a Mule Deer Tag for unit 215. I have not hunted this unit before, would anyone be willing to let me know if hunter numbers are high in this unit? I am looking at the north section of the unit near Elliston.
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    Garmin Rino 650T contact connection issues

    My son and I each have this GPS unit, we have had this model for two years. I recently got on Garmin's website and updated my firmware. Last night we realized we can no longer "see" or track each other. He is the only contact on my unit, his is the same. Has anyone else had this happen? I do...
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    Harris Engineering Bipod advice

    I am looking to purchase a Harris Engineering bi pod for my Browning A-Bolt rifle. I am thinking about the Harris model #HBLMS. I am not sure of leg length, 6"-9" or 9"-13", I am thinking I would want the 9'-13" legs, I am 6" tall with average build. This is the model with 1" notches It appears...
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    New member from the coast

    New member here, marshman from the Pacific Coast, in Washington. Making my first solo trip for Mule Deer in MT this October, looking forward to information and advice from this forum!