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    Unsolicited Recognition

    Also nothing but good to say about Pat. Good advice, good products, great pricing on Leupold products. Just bought a Leupold VX-5HD 3-15 x 44 with firedot duplex. Very happy. Dave.
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    How to do a private message? Finally posting, toodumb to do the PM.

    I've been watching Hunt Talk and related content from Randy for years. I'm closing in on 70 years old so old and dumb. Trying to contact Schmalts to order a Leopold scope. I've asked for help on site but no reply. Where do I go to figure out how to do a PM? I want to get more active here...
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    Hunting without high-priced toys

    Good thoughts all around. This reminds me of a quote supposedly attributed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: "No sense traveling tough just for the sake of being tough."