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  1. Cav1

    MT Unlimited

    Your post reminded me of a quote I've shared before that shows that even crusty old Elmer Keith was awed by the grandeur of the high country and saw it in the same manner Sigurd Olsen did the Boundary Waters. “Have you ever seen a mature bighorn ram silhouetted on the sky line of his rugged...
  2. Cav1

    MT Unlimited

    Looking at the harvest records, from 1995 to 2015 it looks like no rams were taken in 300 for nine of those years. I took a couple of days off and went home in the middle of season, then went back out to a different area than I had initially hunted. I was planning to stay for the duration, but...
  3. Cav1

    "A Fine and Pleasant Misery"

    Everyone in our family loved Pat McManus' books, including my mother. My childhood friend Randy and I were always getting into similar misadventures. After our attempt to ride feeder pigs, Mom started to refer to us as Pat and Crazy Eddie.
  4. Cav1

    MT Unlimited

    I've been out in the boondocks in District #300 since Saturday. I came back home to recuperate for a couple of days (my body keeps reminding me on on the wrong side of 50) and to reassess my whole game plan. The area I was glassing turned out to be a repeat of last year. I saw as many as 50 or...
  5. Cav1

    Range finders?

    One of the best things that ever happened to me was losing my Bushnell 500-yard rangefinder, which had plenty of trouble getting a reading on much of anything past 300 yards. Replaced it with a Nikon 550 and was much happier. Have ranged prominent things in excess of 700 yards with it. Later I...
  6. Cav1

    Shooting Tips

    Body position, shooting sling, and plenty of practice. I follow Jack O'Connor's advice of ten rounds of dry-fire per day, adding plastic snap-caps to also practice instant bolt work after the "shot". I can HIGHLY recommend a weekend Appleseed shoot. They teach Basic Rifle Marksmanship as well as...
  7. Cav1

    M1A Scout Scope recommendation

    Once I got used to them, I really liked scout scopes and shooting with both eyes open. I have both the Leupold and the Burris scout scopes. My Leupold Scout IER FX 2.5x28mm is so old it says "Steyr Scout" on the turret caps while my Burris 2.75x20mm is just a little bit newer. I much prefer the...
  8. Cav1

    Near Misses - Sharing Invaluable Life Experiences

    I did a detailed write-up with lessons learned about spending an unintended night in the mountains in a snowstorm last winter.
  9. Cav1

    Sidearm choice

    At the moment still hanging on to my old Dirty Harry 6-inch Model 29 with 300-grain hardcast WFNs loaded to 1,200 fps. But I've never gotten what I consider to be really good with fast double-action revolver shooting while the old Colt 1911A1 has always fit me like a glove. Recently got an R-1...
  10. Cav1

    Best T-Rex Medicine

    I'd want my Ma. Ma Duece, that is. And toss in the M113 APC under it.
  11. Cav1

    BDC Reticle

    The Leupold BDC worked very well for me. I clock all loads with a chrony, still zero the actual crosshairs for maximum point blank range, then calculate what the exact yardage is for each hold-over. They're not nice even numbers so I print them out and tape a small cheat sheet to the scope. Now...
  12. Cav1

    Hunting with Partners - Who Get's the First Shot?

    On our first antelope hunting trip, my friend Jerry and I didn't consider who got to shoot first until the herd was walking in front of us. Then we were like Disney's Chip and Dale politely arguing..."Go ahead. You take the shot." "Oh no, you first." "You please, I insist." I finally took a shot...
  13. Cav1

    What are you currently reading?

    Re-reading Elmer Keith's Hell, I Was There, which I do every couple of years.
  14. Cav1

    MT Unlimited

    You are welcome. I enjoyed seeing that country again after so long and my wife sleeps much better when I go down to Grizzly Central with a partner rather than solo. I'm not sure why since you're obviously faster than me! I got to thinking about it and we actually saw 22 mountain goats total...
  15. Cav1

    Non us citizen

    A friend of mine from Hungary is hunting with me this year here in Montana. The biggest hurdle we had to overcome was the hunter's education requirement. My Swiss-born wife and in-laws hunted there so I really appreciate all the training and testing and qualifications (and now an apprenticeship...
  16. Cav1

    MT Unlimited

    Geetar's photos came out way better than all my pics and videos, seen here.
  17. Cav1

    Hunting cartoons!

    My favorite from the Far Side...
  18. Cav1

    Year of the sweet clover

    I've been hearing a whole lotta comments about the clover this year from plenty of folks down here in Park County too. To quote The Ringling 5, I wonder if it will once more rain "all 34 days in July."
  19. Cav1

    Bear stalking

    I concentrate of the berry patches in the fall but in spring I just hike high ground like ridgetops and glass all the visible meadows and their edges across the way. Like EYJONUS said, if you find one that's eating good it'll usually still be there in the time it takes to you to get to it; I...
  20. Cav1

    35 Whelen

    I recently installed an E.R. Shaw .35 Whelen barrel (plus their machined "accuracy" recoil lug) on a Savage 111 XTP originally in .30-06. I already had a barrel vise, which came in handy, but the whole process probably only took about 45 minutes with the hardest part being just breaking the...