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  1. nwihunter

    Accuracy question

    I’m in the process of sighting in my new Howa .308 and have a few questions for you guys. I just finished the barrel break in process that is recommended by Howa and that Randy has posted on YouTube. Now I’m working on sighting it in and finding out what ammo it likes. I’m starting off with...
  2. nwihunter

    Elk hunting with atv’s

    Is this a thing any of you do? I don’t mean just running up and down trails with your atv, but using them to get further than you could with your truck. Providing its legal to do so. I was thinking about maybe a future hunt where I might load my quad with all my camping and hunting gear and go...
  3. nwihunter

    Elevation and shooting question

    I’m in the process of choosing ammo and getting my new rifle sighted in. This season will my first time rifle hunting out west and up in elevation. I have mounted a new Leopoldo VX3 with the cds dial on it. (Thanks to schmalts). My question has to do with how much will elevation affect my...
  4. nwihunter

    Elevation and shooting question

    I’m in the process of choosing ammo and getting my new rifle sighted in. This season will my first time rifle hunting out west and up in elevation. I have mounted a new Leopoldo VX3 with the cds dial. (Thanks to scmalts). My question has to do with how much will elevation affect my shooting...
  5. nwihunter

    My son’s bull shark

    My wife and kids and I have been taking a family vacation to Florida since our boys were young. We stay with my aunt and uncle that live on Honeymoon Island. Their condo complex has a private fishing pier, so we started buying some cheap fishing gear to use when we are down there. We would...
  6. nwihunter

    Chicago salmon fishing

    Went out trolling Lake Michigan on Sunday with my son and some friends. My biddies boat is at Diversey Harbor in Chicago. We didn’t kill em but got some nice coho and a couple small lakers. We also had 2 different fish on that were each fought for around 10 minutes and never gained any ground...
  7. nwihunter

    New Mexico unit 45 advice

    A buddy and myself have drawn unit 45 second rifle season tags, October 19-23. I have only been on 2 western hunts and both were diy otc archery elk in Colorado, so my experience is very limited. This isn’t a post asking where to go to kill an elk. I get how that works on this site. We are...
  8. nwihunter

    Scope mount recommendation

    I’ve got a Howa Kuiu .308 oredered. I’m working on getting a scope from Schmaltz. Can anyone recommend what base and rings I should get? I’m mounting a Leopold VX-3I 30mm 4.5- 14 x 40
  9. nwihunter

    Howa .308 factory ammo

    I just ordered a new Howa Kuiu in .308. Is there anyone out there that shoots the same gun and has a factory round that they’ve had good luck with? I will be using it for elk hunting this oct. I was drawn for second season rifle in New Mexico.
  10. nwihunter

    Elk hunting in lion country

    I just wanted to get the thoughts of experienced elk hunters that hunt in lion country and have had run ins with lions while elk hunting. I’ve only been on 2 western hunts and had an encounter with a lion 3 times in one evening. The closest being about 20 yds. I read and hear a lot of stories...
  11. nwihunter

    My ole’ mans buck

    My dad got me started bow hunting back in 1981. I was 12 years old and had just gotten my first bow for my birthday that year. We live in northwest Indiana but did not have any land to hunt near our home. All of our deer hunting was done 4 hours away in the Manistee National Forest in central...
  12. nwihunter

    NW Indiana buck

    Got this guy on Sunday morning. With a lot of help from my dad and my oldest son we tracked him to the edge of the river. Then my son happens to spot him laying on the other side of the river naturally. It’s not a monster but it is my biggest bow kill in 37 years of bow hunting. Really happy...
  13. nwihunter

    Dead bull found in Col. GMU 521

    Found this bull on 9/18 in GMU 521. I’m guessing it was shot during archery season maybe 2 to 3 weeks prior to me finding it. If anyone on here lost one, hit me up. I know right where it is.
  14. nwihunter

    First turkey

    I’ve been wanting to start turkey hunting for a few years now but haven’t had many birds on the properties I hunt. My boss took a few of us on a guided Kansas hunt this year and I got my first bird. Awesome experience. Learned a lot. Can’t wait to try on my own next year.
  15. nwihunter

    Big Agnes question?

    Do any of you use a Big Agnes tent with the mountain glo feature? Just wondering if you like it, does seem durable, is it worth the extra money? I have a small clip on light that hangs from the top of my tent now but thought this feature might be better.
  16. nwihunter

    Indiana rifle buck

    My first high powered rifle kill in Indiana. I can’t say as though I’m a fan of the addition of high powered rifles to our list of legal weapons in my home state, but I diceided to bring out my 7mm mag this year. Got this guy down this past Saturday afternoon really happy with this one.
  17. nwihunter

    Colorado elk/GMU advice

    Ok, so I went on my first western hunt this year. I hunted DIY archery the week after Labor Day in GMU 62. I live in Indiana and have chased white tails for 36 years and have always wanted to go try elk hunting and experience the mountains. The experience was incredible and would like to do...
  18. nwihunter

    colorado gmu advice

    I've posted a couple of times previously looking for advice on gear choices and got back some great advice. That being said I have some questions on GMU's that I'm looking at. My short story is I have never hunted elk or spent anytime west of northwest Indiana. I'm going on my first solo...
  19. nwihunter

    Gear advice from experienced elk hunters

    I'm planning my first western hunt for this year and this will be my second post looking for advice from those with experience. I will be hunting solo archery elk in Colorado. My first question has to do with quivers. I never shoot with my quiver on when I am tree stand hunting for Midwest...
  20. nwihunter

    Gear advice from experienced elk hunters

    I've been lurking on this site for a while trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can about elk hunting. My short story is I'm a life long Midwest deer hunter trying to get moving on my first western elk hunt. I know familiar story right. What I'm looking for now is advice on some of the...