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  1. grizzly_

    WTB Garmin RINO 650 or 755t

    Looking to buy a Garmin RINO 650 or 755t if anybody has one they're not using anymore.
  2. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    (forgive some duplication from a thread on my once-malfunctioning gun but I wanted to post these pics for those not looking at the firearm posts who dream of hunting desert sheep)... Two years ago my wife drew a Desert Bighorn tag in Utah and got a great ram on a backpack hunt Somehow...
  3. grizzly_

    City Bucks (pics)

    Everybody likes to see big bucks. Here are some running down the street in front of my truck last week
  4. grizzly_

    PL Enemy #1 - Ken Ivory Quits

    Ken Ivory has quit the Utah Legislature effective Monday to take a new job. This actually worries me that the new job will be worse for public lands than where he has been. I guess we'll see 🤞
  5. grizzly_

    Cooper/Swaro/Talley - Aargh!

    I have a Desert Bighorn hunt in a month and was planning on taking a Cooper 92 that I bought off HT Classifieds a few years ago. It wears Talley UL Rings and a Swarovski Z5 and was grouping averages of .485" with 180gr Nosler Accubonds. A few weeks ago it started spraying bullets everywhere...
  6. grizzly_

    Quality Lightweight Sling

    I've got a nice Cooper M92 but have a cheap heavy neoprene sling on it that I'd like to upgrade. It seems wrong to have a crappy sling on that nice of a rifle. I've been looking heavily at the Viking slings, but know nothing about them. Any recommendations? Thx in advance 😀
  7. grizzly_

    Fresh Tracks - Utah Archery Deer

    It seems like there were some still photos from an archery deer hunt in Utah a few years ago that looked like a lot of fun. Was that ever released? I can't find it on YouTube or Amazon. Thx for the help.
  8. grizzly_

    Cooper M92 Recall?

    My friend got a letter from Cooper asking him to send in his M92 for a bolt replacement. I emailed them on mine and they asked me to send it in as well. I really don't want to risk the excellent accuracy of the gun by changing the components after my load and scope are tuned so well unless its...
  9. grizzly_

    BHA - Charity Navigator

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a BHA Member, go to the Rendezvous, host Chapter Meetings at my office, etc... so please don't think I'm attacking here. I'm not. I have already contacted multiple people within BHA trying to get some response regarding the lack of Charity Navigator rating of...
  10. grizzly_

    First Elk - Pics

    I always wanted to go on one of the old time backcountry horseback elk hunts. I don't know why, it was just always a dream of mine... it must be from reading all my grandpa's old hunting magazines while I was growing up. There is something really special to me about grizzly country, horses, wall...
  11. grizzly_

    BHA Pres. in SLC 8/7

    Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Pint Night Fisher Brewing Co. in SLC (21+) August 7, 2018 6pm - 8pm BHA President Land Tawney and Chapter Coordinator Ty Stubblefield will be there as well as Brian Call from Gritty Bowman! Come hang out and share stories and talk public land hunting!
  12. grizzly_

    Lightweight Bow Press

    Does anybody have a recommendation on a lightweight/backpack bow press? I drew a Wyoming wilderness elk tag and am thinking about taking a press and extra string/cables since we'll be so far from the truck. I've looked into the Bowmaster and Synunm, but was hoping for actual advice. Thanks in...
  13. grizzly_

    Conservation Movie Advice

    Some of us from the northern Utah chapter of BHA are working with some concerned students at Utah State University to start a campus chapter. We are planning a small event and symposium featuring Natural Resources professors regarding sage grouse and public land management. We would like to...
  14. grizzly_

    Elk Arrow Weight?

    If all goes well, I will draw a Wyoming elk tag in a premium unit outside of Cody this year. I've shot deer with a bow, but never an elk, which leads to my question... I've read every article I can find on the battle between Momentum vs. Kinetic Energy, but wanted the opinions of the guys who...
  15. grizzly_

    Trump Maintains Elephant Import Ban

    In an interview with Piers Morgan set to air Sunday night in the U.K., President Donald Trump used the word “terrible” to describe the initial decision last year by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to overturn an Obama era ban on the import of elephant trophies. Trump also says he does not...
  16. grizzly_

    Another Cool Find

    We came across this in San Juan (UT) years ago while hunting cow elk. The bull had fallen in and got hung up and died. The side of the hole was marred by bears trying to claw down to the carcass.
  17. grizzly_

    Swarovski TLS APO Digiscoping Adapter

    Swarovski DIgiscoping Adapter - Connects mirrorless or DSLR camera to a Swarovski "S" or "M" Series Spotting Scope. This model is designed to work with ATS, STS, ATM, or STM spotting scopes by acting as an Apochromatic 30mm Pancake Lens. Works perfectly for wildlife viewing, hunting, bird...
  18. grizzly_

    Swarovski 80 HD

    Super High End Swarovski ATM 80 HD Spotting Scope. Excellent condition. This is the upgraded version of the ATS 80 HD. The current ATS is built with an aluminum body, the ATM is built with lighter and stronger magnesium that is no longer offered because it became too expensive to build. All the...
  19. grizzly_

    WTB Swarovski SLC 10x50 NEU

    If you're interested in selling some Swarovski SLC 10x50 NEU, shoot me a PM. They must be in good condition, box and paperwork preferred.