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  1. arffdog875

    Colorado Statewide Bighorn SHeep Tag

    Congrats on an awesome Ram!
  2. arffdog875

    Who's the new guy? THIS GUY!

    Welcome! Thank you for your service!
  3. arffdog875

    300 rum or 338 rum

    I have both 300 and 338 RUM's, not much difference between the two, I don't have a brake on either, the recoil gets your attention, but not a deal breaker. I would have liked to shoot the 250 grain bullets out of the 338 but my rifle decided it like and grouped the 225's much better, couldn't...
  4. arffdog875


    Congrats! Nice buck!
  5. arffdog875

    Wife's Antelope

    Congrats on the goat and little one's on the way!
  6. arffdog875

    Snakes arround Steamboat.

    Good to know! Thanks!
  7. arffdog875

    Fat kid and snow flakes

    Congrats! Can't wait to hear the story and see some photos!
  8. arffdog875

    Tipi Tent

    Does it have the stove jack ?
  9. arffdog875

    Sage-grouse getting after it

    Awesome shots Craig!
  10. arffdog875

    Colorado Statewide Bighorn SHeep Tag

    So Oak and Dink...If I win does that mean you two are my sherpas? LOL!
  11. arffdog875

    2014 Scimitar Oryx

    Great trophy! Congrats!
  12. arffdog875

    Whats your dream buck have?

    A mature muley, with mass and width would be awesome. I would not pass on a massive buck just because of some trash...
  13. arffdog875

    2015 wolves and hunts sofar

    Great Job! Keep up the good work! Very cool pictures
  14. arffdog875

    Colorado Elk and Deer

    What Jorgy said...
  15. arffdog875

    Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

    Good Job Nick! Keep up the good work! Just letting you know 132 oz steak is half a cow...LOL!
  16. arffdog875

    Innotek dog trainer with 2 collars

    Is it still for sale? PM me, Thanks!
  17. arffdog875

    Daughter Iowa deer

    Great buck! Congrats!
  18. arffdog875

    Marlin SBL 45-70

    I have the blued version, it takes a little TLC to get the action smooth, but a good rifle.
  19. arffdog875

    Son's first

    Good job guys!
  20. arffdog875

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!