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  1. Topdog

    NM Hunter looking for a partner/mentor.

    Where are you located in NM? I have an archery in 34 the third week of December ?
  2. Topdog

    Quick Detach rings seem to work.

    Not trying to be mean but it looks like you need some more range time. Your grouping rally need some work! Take the time at the range to help build confidence in you abilities
  3. Topdog

    What do I do?

    Take it to the range and shoot them. Find out which one “you” like the best and shoot the best with. Time behind the trigger and proper shooting form will always beat out rather one scope or the other is better.
  4. Topdog

    best budget spotting scope

    I would a vortex. I bought a few years ago and love. Good price and perfect warranty but doesn’t break the bank.
  5. Topdog

    Tripods 101

    Depending on your usage, I went with a vortex highcountry II. so far it’s been great ! And if it breaks then they’ll fix is a no brained to me.
  6. Topdog

    Howdy from NorthWest Texas!

    Let me know next April I can definitely help make your planning logistics and locations to hunt.
  7. Topdog

    Southwestern Ohio

    Welcome from New Mexico
  8. Topdog

    New Member Questions

    What state are you looking at ?
  9. Topdog

    New Mexico Unit 34 Elk Questions

    I am not saying they are bad maybe I came at a really busy time or there were other problems
  10. Topdog

    Howdy from NorthWest Texas!

    You might try 34 in NM next year. I’ve that unit for the last seven years for deer and elk and have a pretty good idea on the logistics and where to find the game.
  11. Topdog

    First Southwestern US hunting trip 2022 Oryx (picture heavy)

    Every plant in New Mexico have thorns on them, and I live here. But we have things like Barbary sheep , ibex , oryx and bighorn. Not to exclude HUGE elk and deer
  12. Topdog

    What the heck is this?

    It’s a rain water gathering tool. It catches the rain and usually feeds into a pipe system
  13. Topdog

    Withdraw my NM Elk application?

    You can’t turn it back in. However, when you fill out your hunt report it asks how many days you hunted. Just put none. NM is a pure lottery and no points are given out. So fill out your hunt report and apply again next year. It’s an awesome place to hunt.
  14. Topdog


    Practice, practice and more practice. Get out during the rut and listen and try to mimic their sounds. Research, watch videos and elk camp tv
  15. Topdog

    Poached elk

    I found a beheaded elk last year and reported it but not sure what happened. I also found salt licks in 34 and reported it only for game and fish said it was fine…there was cattle in the area?
  16. Topdog

    New Mexico Javelina

    Try the Malpi area out towards denning. I have seen quite a few there
  17. Topdog

    U.S. says it will cut costs for clean energy projects on public lands

    I agree. The more people access the true gift that is America the worse it will be. Please pick up after yourselves and others.
  18. Topdog

    Early morning success

    great picture that will last a lifetime!
  19. Topdog

    Take Back Your Elk

    Being a somewhat newer New Mexican (about 8 years) I have seen some shady stuff. Some things are probably the same no matter what state your in. Like, ATV,UTS on hiking only trailers, all the litter left behind from hikers etc.. one of the worst was a couple of years ago I teamed up with a...
  20. Topdog

    NM draw

    We’ll come on down,it’s a beautiful place with HUGE ELK,,