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    Sitka Ascent vs Kuiu Tiburon pants

    Thanks, I'm going to give them a try then...pretty excited b/c I was really impressed with the Ascents AND I just saw Kuiu is having a sale on the Tiburon's this weekend. Sounds like a win-win :)
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    Need layering help

    Take a look at the Arcteryx Delta Lt, it is a really versatile piece and great for layering. I think for the temps you're describing it'd be perfect. I run over a lightweight synthetic shirt, and in my pack I'll have a shell and/or warm insulated jacket pending on the forecast or how far back...
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    Try, they have a bunch of tent brands and always have deals going on. Sometimes you can find great deals on the higher end brands like Big Agnes, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear but those go quick! Pay attention to the tent design as they can be more roomy if configured well. Also, for 2...
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    Boot Buying Dilemma

    Each brand fits differently & can even vary between styles. Like others have said, order a good selection online and keep what fits ya the best. has Lowa, Zamberlan, Crispi, Hanwag, Kenetrek, Scarpa etc and often have coupon deals. Be sure to get GOOD socks and wear those when...
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    Hot Weather Sitka Gear

    I LOVE the Ascents, they are the most breathable pant I've tried so far. It may be tough to use those in a November hunt, especially if you ran into weather but you may get by with additonal layers. Camofire seems to have the best deals, kind of a pain in the ass website imo, otherwise most...
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    Sitka Ascent vs Kuiu Tiburon pants

    I heat up quickly & sweat so much that I really prefer the lightest pant possible. I have a pair of Sitka's Ascent pants and have been blown away by how breathable & tough they are...however I lost 50 lbs and need to get a new pair. Only reason I'm hesitant to get the Ascent again is the price...
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    Browning Hells Canyon Pants

    Forgot to include size 36
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    Browning Hells Canyon Pants

    I find myself 50lbs lighter than last year so I'm selling my hunting pants. I only wore them once last year, they are essentially new...if I put tags on them you couldn't tell a difference. They are the Hells Canyon Speed Backcountry pant, they are water resistant, stretchy, have a lightweight...
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    Don't hate me because I'm from N. Utah!

    Welcome, sure appreciate your service. Hope you can get back out there soon! I'm just a stone's throw north of ya
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    After my last pair of Cabelas tore I went ahead and got the Sitka Ascent pants. Really liked them so far, breathe very well, stretchy and just overall are very comfortable. I wasn't able to make it out much last season but when I did it was pretty fair weather so I can't speak to how they...
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    Tripod help, binos or spotter?

    Thanks this helps a lot! Sorry I should've been more specific, I was thinking to keep the tripod budget to under $1000...I didn't realize how many options there are out there and how quickly they can get up there in price! I'm not sure what to do for the spotter (angled or straight), so far...
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    Tripod help, binos or spotter?

    I'm looking to get my first spotting scope, and I've noticed several people recommending a tripod with their binos(I have the vortex razors 10x40). Is it possible to use the same tripod for each? Any tripod recommendations? I mainly hunt UT but am starting to get tags in WY and Idaho too...
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    Eberlestock Just One Pack - LIKE NEW - For Sale

    I'm selling my hunting pack, bought it last summer and used it on the general deer hunt. Condition is like new, sad to say there are no blood stains on it :( Honestly I really like the pack but I think its just more than what I need. To summarize the features- -adjustable shoulder harness...
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    YouTube Milestones

    Please keep'm coming! We've ditched the cable/satellite bill and can't see going I get to re-watch whenever I want AND on my phone! Love the format, a show ACTUALLY about hunting and on public land. You represent hunters in a way that we all can be proud of, thanks for all you do!
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    which clothing brand...

    I'm looking to get some new hunting clothing and am wondering which brands that advertise as "high performance apparel" really are. While I think camo patterns can be more "cool" than necessary (please correct me if I'm wrong here), I'm really looking for pieces that breathe and hold up through...
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    game bags, Caribou Gear really worth it?

    i'll be on my first muley backpacking hunt at the end of the month in UT. The places my friend and I have scouted are 4.5+miles in, no horses so we'll be packing out the meat if we're lucky enough to be successful. I've checked out Caribou Gear bags, I'm one that doesn't mind paying more money...
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    nutrition &

    Wondering what others have found to work the best over long hunts, specifically nutrition. I'll be chasing muleys in UT at the end of the month, its about 4.5 miles in to the area my friend and i have been scouting. We're likely to do 10-20 mi on the actual hunt. Its my first time on a...
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    UT general bull advice

    We have the any bull tag. Thanks for all the information, we're going to head out this weekend to check some out
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    UT general bull advice

    My dad and I are looking forward to our first try at bull elk this year, we have Utah's general bull tags. Our only elk experience came last year when we had cow tags but we cannot hunt that same unit with the tags we got this year. I woildnt expect anyone to share exact places etc but does...

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