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    First youth hunting rifle?

    I was going to suggest a Ruger 77/44 with a Burris Fastfire III. Sweet little gun and real easy to pack and hard hitting out to 100-150 yds, but I see you already got him a unique rifle.
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    Some VX5HD scopes are on sale.

    [email protected] is Schmalts website email.
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    .300 WSM for Pronghorn?

    That will work just fine especially with the 130TTSX. As others have said try to avoid the shoulder. The meat tastes too good and you don't get very much so can't waste any.
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    A little humour for your day

    Cardboard box worked for me and my sisters in the early 60's.
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    Kitchen knife set

    Wusthof Classic 7" Nakiri is the knife I grab 95% of the time, crazy sharp.
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    Increasing Kayak’s Weight Capacity

    Didn't @Gerald Martin do something like that on his sheep hunt with coolers for outriggers with a canoe full of guys and sheep? Redneck but workable for sure. Outriggers would make it more stable, good idea in the winter cold, and increase the load capacity, but would make it not as nimble to...
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    Football General Talk

    Quite the circus catch by Kittle, had to run to keep under it.
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    Howa Superlite

    I picked up one of their blems for my 223AI mini, you know it is light when they measure it in grams. Don't know what the complete rifle weighs but it is about a pound lighter. The stock is kind of slick and this has the carbon weave on the exterior.
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    Howa Superlite

    Which Leupold?
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    Howa Superlite

    Yes they are, doesn't have the weave structure, but is very lightweight.
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    What's your favorite rimfire scope?

    Put a Leupold FX-II 2.5x20 on my wife's Ruger rimfire, simple and works great and very lightweight.
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    Winchester Pre-64 Super Grade 22 Hornet

    Wow, sweet rifle to add to your collection!
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    Not another Euro mount thread

    Really like the barn wood plaques with the Skull Hooker, the picture and the killing cartridge, tells the story. My wife has been on me to make plaques that tell when and by whom the animals have been killed.
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    Not another Euro mount thread

    Sweet Euros for your first try. I use baking soda and dish soap, breaks all the meat down quickly. Looks much better than my first try many years ago.
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    who actually knows how to use a map and compass

    Silva Ranger compass that I have had for 50 years is always in my pack. Got it when I went through Explorer Search and Rescue when I was 12. We learned to navigate by compass and leapfrogging with a partner, had to find markers on trees half to a mile distance. If we didn't find it, we failed...
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    Talk me into Coyote hunting

    Did the EDM porting help with recoil? I had my 338 WM EDM ported and it was quite the difference and not any louder.
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    Met Randy

    Congratulations, you will love it!
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    Help with Wyoming elk app

    Check all your information prior to the selection of the tag page. Did you click on resident instead of non-resident? I pretty much just applied and no problem, not quite ready to bite the bullet. You entered under "Apply for License", not "Purchase License" didn't you? Or did you do what I...
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    Football General Talk

    Almost 3 quarters, but the fourth was a disaster. We are all surprised they made it this far, Go Hawks.
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    Howa Superlite

    You will like it. I would buy another one, I need a 7-08 in my arsenal:)

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