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    16E Muzzleloader elk

    My son and I hunted 16E last year on one of the youth encouragement tags. We set up camp on the east side of Palona Mountain. From where we set up camp we were able to glass a lot of country right from camp. There is public access up in to that area about 18 miles in on state road 163 from the...
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    Thorough screwing proposed in NM

    From what I have heard, the Game and Fish is apposing the bill. The reasoning that is being given for proposing the bill is that due to the current drought conditions, the elk are overgrazing the public lands used for cattle grazing. Game and Fish has taken the stance that it is much easier to...
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    Any thoughts on what units to put in for as NM resident?

    I am trying to narrow down my unit choices for the 2015 draw. I am a NM resident. Last year me and a buddy hunted unit 15 first archery hunt and got a nice 6x6 on the ground. I know that 15 is a hard unit to draw. This year I am thinking about putting in with 15 as our first choice and 16E and...
  4. J

    The Brits Elk

    Great adventure. There is no way to describe to someone who has never done it the feeling of hunting Elk. The guys on here are definitely a good bunch of people.
  5. J

    S.W. New Mexico photos

    No luck in the areas south of Slaughter Mesa that I suggested? When I was up there they were all up high in the real thick stuff. Beautiful area to spend a week.
  6. J

    16e NM November youth cow hunt help

    My son has one of the youth encouragement cow elk hunts the end of November in unit 16e. I am looking for any help I can get from anyone who knows the unit. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    Buddies 2014 Unit 15 New Mexico archery bull

    I would just like to thank the guys here who offered their help and advise on our hunt. While I was not able to make it happen my buddy connected with this 6x6 on the 3rd day of the first archery hunt. It was awesome to see him get this bull as it was his first time archery hunting as well as...
  8. J

    Rage or no Rage, that is the question?

    Go with fixed blade. Mechanicals "might" work but why risk it. Fixed blades are tried and true. You have only so much time to hunt elk. I want to know that when I let an arrow go as long as I have done my job it will do its job.
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    I have been sleeping about 2 hours per night because elk is all I can think about. 4 more days and I will be in unit 15 New Mexico. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. My coworkers and wife must be sick of hearing me talk about it.
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    Worst camp meal

    Wasn't on a hunt but When I was working on a wilderness trail crew for the Forest Service I had packed a bunch of Ramen and was adding canned chicken for protein. I had run out of chicken and decided to add a can of Sardines that I had in my backpack. The taste was horrific and even thinking...
  11. J

    Nm 16e

    Which hunt did you get? My son has a tag there also November 28- December 2. I have been trying to get some info also. As far as I can tell from looking at maps, the southwest end of the Unit maybe? Hopefully some guys on here will give some good info.
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    Preferred food in camp

    The 4 mountain house meals for 4 days thing is pretty funny. When I was in high school abuddy and I went on a fishing trip with almost no food telling each other we would just eat what we catch. After getting skunked for 3 days and only eating trail mix we finally gave up and drove about 75...
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    Preferred food in camp

    I am sitting here writing out a grocery list for my hunt the beginning of September. It got me wondering what kinds of meals other guys like to make in camp. What does your grocery list look like?
  14. J

    Son has Unit 16e youth elk antler less tag

    Just throwing it out there I have used Trimble GPS hunt pro on my phone. You cans save maps for offline use and has served me pretty well for determining private land.
  15. J

    Gilla NM rain?

    Pintlar what youth hunt do you have? October or the youth encouragement the end of November or December.
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    Son has Unit 16e youth elk antler less tag

    Thank you very much for your information. I have hunted my whole life and never been as nervous or excited for a hunt as this one. This will be my sons first hunt and I want to make it happen. I have a busy season this year with all that I drew (not complaining) and this one is #1 on my list. I...
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    Son has Unit 16e youth elk antler less tag

    I forgot to mention in the title that it is Unit 16e in New Mexico. I know a lot of guys are not in the business of giving up info but... My only question is does anyone have ideas on where to enter public lands onto the unit that will get us into elk? With just a little research and map...
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    Gilla NM rain?

    I was just kidding I will be happy to help out even if you are hunting the same hunt as me.
  19. J

    Gilla NM rain?

    I was in Unit 15 this last weekend. They have gotten a fair amount of rain. I live in Deming and the monsoon so far for us has been rather spotty. We have gotten good rain on some places and almost nothing in others. From what I saw on my drive up to 15 for a quick scouting trip the west side of...

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