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  1. Whiskers

    Family pictures ....

    A bunch of good looking families. Happy t day.
  2. Whiskers

    Family pictures ....

    Took 6 year old Kelsey out to help put up ladder stands. Got done with the first one, and as I was picking stuff up, I heard.....HEY PAPPY, and I turned to see this. I don't know why it won't accept the picture.
  3. Whiskers

    My letter to the NRA

    Its gotta start somewhere!! Your either part of the solution, or part of the problem. I am not attacking the NRA. The NRA is an American institution, if they won't support Americans, and American jobs, who else will. I didn't say the NRA doesn't do good things.
  4. Whiskers

    My letter to the NRA

    I didn't say that all items were made in China, I said the items that were at this location...every item on the table was made in China. I don't care if they make 50% of their items in America, and the other 50% in China. Their is no excuse for them to have the items made in China and ask me for...
  5. Whiskers

    My letter to the NRA

    don't buy it. We have to get together on this shit or we all go down together, and we are sliding quickly.
  6. Whiskers

    My letter to the NRA

    Dear Mr. LaPierre, I am a patron member of the NRA, thats two steps above Life Member, but you already know that. Being a Patron member means that I support the NRA when I can afford to. Every week or so, I get a phone call from "another life member" soliciting funds in your name...
  7. Whiskers


    My conversation with Doc. "what the hell you carrying in that" him " I have my video camera, sandwiches, thermos coffee, rain gear, extra sox, heavy coat, extra boots." Me, "Doc, extra boots, sandwich, thermos, its 3pm we are hunting to dark, and you can see your f'n car from the stand." him, "I...
  8. Whiskers


    The camp I received from Uncle Chuck, this pic was taken in 1980, it got worse over the years until I got it. Uncle Chuck, he was at a reunion, this is about as dressed up as he got. My computer ate the picture of the new camp. Have to take a new pic.
  9. Whiskers


    You guys think you carry alot of shit into the woods. This is Doc getting into his tree stand for an afternoon whitetail hunt. His car is less than 300 yards away.
  10. Whiskers


    Reading Draftstuds memories of his Uncle Marshall made me think about my Uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie was a veteran of WWII, he was a cook in the army. When he was discharged he took his military pay and purchased a 4 apartment building, then he went across the street and got a job at the...
  11. Whiskers

    Uncle Marshall

    Draftstud nice story, how old was Uncle Marshal when he passed.
  12. Whiskers

    Need an I-80 ride?

    Then it doesn't sound like a very interesting ride.
  13. Whiskers

    Chas Bono

    Her DNA is still that of a woman right.
  14. Whiskers


    typical, and the government creates these folks.
  15. Whiskers

    Thought she was a goner.

    My buddy called and wanted to go check our stands. Morning started out with us catching a litterer, and notifying Barnegat PD. We didn't get the plate number, he left the tailgate down while speeding away. But a good description was turned in. Had my 18 year old dog Kahlua with us. We walked...
  16. Whiskers

    Theme song for Hunttalkers
  17. Whiskers

    Who's cell phone?

    I put Doc, a new hunter in a stand about 200 yards from mine. Everyonce in awhile I thought I could hear the faint ringing of a phone, but just chalked it up to my old ears ringing. After dark, I caught up with Doc, and asked if he seen anything, nope, nothing. I told him I had a couple little...
  18. Whiskers

    308 norma mag

    the gun has been sold.
  19. Whiskers

    Where were you ?

    I was home on my job break, just sat down where I am sitting now. In front of the computer with GMA on the tv right above the computer monitor. They were reporting on the first crash, when the second one hit. I saw it in real time. Living about 80 air miles south west of Manhatten, I was...
  20. Whiskers

    A man..

    A man walks into a bait and tackle shop and says "take me to your leader!"
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