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  1. Wally Dog

    Idaho opener

    We had a stunning opening morning in the central Idaho turkey woods. Had my 76 year old partner been able to seal the deal on 3 more different gobblers, we'd have been done by 10 a.m.
  2. Wally Dog

    Earlyish beaver action

    Duck spot is frozen so I decided to make a few sets for creek de-nuders. 3 for 4 on the first go around. My 6 year old grandson thought it was great sport. Largest was 58# on a scale. And how can I rotate these cotten pickers after Windows 10 decides which way to display them!!!!
  3. Wally Dog

    Idaho, OR, WA slam and more

    Opening days story from ID and more. Windows 10 and it's auto rotate makes me crazy............. Is there a way to rotate the images within this post? Story goes like this. 1. Uncle from St Cloud arrives Boise 10 pm Thursday night 4/12. 2. Drive to Orofino Friday to hunt private property I've...
  4. Wally Dog

    SW Idaho beaver action

    I've been doing some predator control on a private ranch for the last several years. They have been de-nuding the creek corridor and that takes years to grow in that desert enviorn. My grandson said a week ago when we pulled traps and caught 2 "Opa this is the coolest thing ever!" And by the way...
  5. Wally Dog

    Idaho Green and silver

    Last 2 shoots were quite special. Birds works so very well. And bling too. dad gum windows 10 and their auto rotate baloney!
  6. Wally Dog

    6.5 Creedmoor load data

    Allcon, I happened upon a Ruger American Predator chambered 6.5 Creedmoor. I broke the barrel in this past weekend. Now it's on to optics and load development. I would likely use the rifle for Whitetail/Mule deer/ Antelope and potentially elk. I'm not as much of a speed freak as I am an...
  7. Wally Dog

    Idaho gobbler action

    The birds were vocal and cooperative in the Clearwater region this weekend. My uncle from St Cloud came to hunt turkeys for the first time and got several great shows. All 3 longbeards weighed in between 16.5 and 17.5#. Telling light weights based on a tougher than normal winter. Now to...
  8. Wally Dog

    I fell into a fairly good deal.......

    I scored a Savage Axis II (with accutrigger) chambered .243 late last week ($180). It's topped with a Weaver 3x9 that I will likely upgrade from. I didn't need it but it filled an empty hole in my gun safe and a hole in my calibers. I intend to put it on paper as soon as snowmageddon ends in SW...
  9. Wally Dog

    New birds in SW Idaho

    It was a bad day to be a mallard Saturday. Dam Windows 10 and it's messed up orientation management. Who knows a solid work around?
  10. Wally Dog

    Sporting th colors in E OR

  11. Wally Dog

    Idaho gobblers 2016

    I'm done filling my 2 tags in ID and here are few images from this season so far.........I have 3 more youth hunters to put on birds then I'll make a move for my self in OR & WA
  12. Wally Dog

    Argentina Doves 2016

    Just back from another epic Argentina dove hunt with family and friends at La Volanta lodge in Arroyito. Second trip to the same location. If any wingshooter dreams of high volume shooting beyond your imagination you must make a trip like this. I'd prefer to not get specific about numbers but...
  13. Wally Dog

    Just another ho hum Day after Christmas hunt

    Mostly green with a couple of bonus 10# honkers
  14. Wally Dog

    TBT Owyhee county Idaho 1980

  15. Wally Dog

    New ones on my wall

    sorry bout the ditto
  16. Wally Dog

    New ones on my wall

    Troy Rose just delivered these 2 I whacked late last winter in SW ID
  17. Wally Dog

    Saying good bye to a great companion

    Said good bye to a great bird dog today, hope she's having covey finds galore in doggie heaven. RIP Jaeger
  18. Wally Dog

    Idaho gobblers

    Here are a few images from Idaho Turkey season 2015 so far...... I have another youth hunter to try put on a bird this Saturday.
  19. Wally Dog

    Howdy after 1000 posts