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  1. GlockZ

    Sights bottomed out, now what?

    So this year I decided to spend some money and got the Black Eagle Rampage arrows. For years I've shot the Beman ICS Hunters without issue, now to adjust for the new arrows I've had to bottom out the sight. At 20 yards, I'm good, at 30 yards, I'm good, beyond that it's a hit but low, around 2...
  2. GlockZ

    357 Magnum loads for hunting

    Don't see much on here when it comes to pistol hunting, but I do enjoy another challenge. I use a Ruger SRH in 480 with a bit of success on deer, and just recently picked a GP-100 in 357 as another interesting way to take deer, and was wondering what loads and bullet combo's some of you are...
  3. GlockZ

    338WM bullet choice

    I own a Model70, post ‘64 in 338WM. Was wondering if anyone is willing to share their favorite bullet & powder combo. I’m thinking somewhere in the 225 grain bullet range. Currently shooting the Hornady 225gr SST, they’re ok, not really impressed with the way bullets disintegrate on impact on...
  4. GlockZ

    boutique broad heads vs. off the shelf broad heads

    Just curious to see what's everyone's thoughts about the new trend of selling and using these boutique broad heads? I myself have been using Slick Trick Magnums or Vipers for years and have never had any problems, but now I've seen this past year a surge in advertisement for these what I'd call...
  5. GlockZ

    35 Remington & hard cast lead bullets

    Was just curious, does anybody know where I could find load data for 35 Remington shooting either 180 or 200gr hard cast lead bullets? Have been reloading my 35 Rem. using the Hornady 200gr. FTX bullets and they work fine, but am curious if a good load using hard cast bullets could be had.
  6. GlockZ

    Issues with the Bowtech RPM360?

    Yesterday morning I was getting ready for opening day of deer season here, and as i picked up my bow case to put in the truck i heard an unusual rattling sound coming from the bow case. Concerned, i opened my bow case up and at first didn't see anything. So i took my bow out and started to...
  7. GlockZ

    .308 for the grizzly

    looking to get one of those lightweight rifles, kimber adirondack, savage lightweight hunter, etc. for hunting elk, sheep, maybe even a mountain goat , question is, since i would probably be hunting in grizzly country, should one be confident carrying a .308 in case of a run in with an ornery...
  8. GlockZ

    getting that itch again...

    i got an itch for a new rifle, i'm looking to get a light weight rifle, caliber choice is what i haven't figured out yet, other than i'm looking for a short action caliber. i'm thinking .308 win, that should be more than adequate for black bears, elk, mulies & whitetails, shots would be mostly...
  9. GlockZ

    sept 2017 Wyoming bear hunt advice needed

    i will be headed out to Wyoming this September for a rifle black bear hunt. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Been going over information for average September weather in the Absarokas wilderness area, including average rainfall, so i'm good weather wise. Will be using my M77 Hawkeye in...
  10. GlockZ

    270 win,130gr Nosler AB, H4350 load

    I swear Nosler used to list a load using H4350 on their website, but It's not there anymore. Does anyone have load using the 130 gr BT/ AB bullet for the 270win? Or am I just imagining things? Thank you in advance.
  11. GlockZ

    handgun choice for wilderness wanderings

    does any carry a handgun with them while out hunting and or scouting? if so, what do you take with you?
  12. GlockZ

    barrel burning

    a question about barrel burning loads. at what velocity would one consider being a barrel burner. 3000 fps? 3300 fps? i only bring this up because at hunting camp an old timer told me i was burning the barrel of my 270 because my hand loads were consistently pushing rounds out at 3100fps...
  13. GlockZ

    lead sled or sandbags?

    just looking for opinions here. do you prefer using sandbags or a lead sled to zero your rifle(s)? i have used both, but prefer using the sandbag method. only because i've never seen anyone drag out a lead sled when hunting, and because when using a lead sled your not actually holding the rifle...
  14. GlockZ

    .243 win, 80gr. Barnes T-TSX load

    Does anyone have a load for a 243 with a Barnes TTSX 80gr.,using either H4350 or IMR 4831? I know Hornady does for their 80gr GMX.
  15. GlockZ

    .17 hmr or .22mag bolt action

    hey looking into getting a bolt action rimfire. i already have a 22lr semi, but to be honest, i like my rifles to be bolt action. to top that off most states i hunt small game in allow either a shotgun or a rimfire bolt gun to be used. mostly to be used for small...
  16. GlockZ

    Bowtech or PSE upgrade, which one

    this year i'm looking to upgrade to a new compound bow. the one i have now is almost 10 years old. i've narrowed my choices down to 2. the Bowtech Reign 6/7 and the PSE Evolve. i've narrowed my choices from reading what i could find online. i'm waiting for my dealer to have both in stock, so i...
  17. GlockZ

    backpacking stoves-which one/

    I have narrowed my choice in backpacking stoves, the MSR Pocket Rocket & the Optimus Crux Lite, I'm leaning towards the MSR, but wanted everyones opinion. Thanks.
  18. GlockZ

    scope upgrade for my 300wm

    Looking for some opinions. i have a a Ruger M77 in 300wm, currently there is a Leopold VX-1, 3-9x40 installed on it. Was curious if i should invest in a new scope, like something with a 50mm objective, for better long range ability and precision. thank you in advance
  19. GlockZ

    Mystery Ranch packs.

    Ok was looking to spend the money and get myself a MR pack, but on their website nothing is available. None of the packs they list and produce ,in any size ,is available .Is this a computer glitch? Or are there production issues? Or is the Big Fin that great of a salesman, ( he was able to...
  20. GlockZ

    Spotting game at long distance. Is there a trick to doing it?

    A friend of mine recently went to Montana on a mule deer/antelope hunt. The guide would take him out everyday to glass for game. My friend had no problems picking game out to about 400 yds., past that had no idea what to look for or what he was looking at. Since I have never glassed for game at...