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  1. Big luke1981

    Fin's Elk Hunting E-Guide

    Very very cool. I think this is a great. Thank you!!
  2. Big luke1981

    New Wyoming G&F site

    I just got done checking out the new site and I thought it was fairly easy to navigate.
  3. Big luke1981

    Newberg and Rinella on the Meateater Podcast

    I am really looking forward to this one!!
  4. Big luke1981

    Got "THE" Mount back

    Wow, that's beautiful!!
  5. Big luke1981

    A favor for a Sponsor

    Done, great company with a awesome product and customer service. I have several state chips for my gps and the app on my phone. I use the app all the time in the off season when cruising around or sitting home recliner scouting.
  6. Big luke1981

    Bringing home a fat girl for the New year!

    Very cool, congrats!!
  7. Big luke1981

    2014 Breaks elk

  8. Big luke1981

    Big Fin's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Randy!!!
  9. Big luke1981

    Girls to WY again!

    Very cool, congrats on a great trip!!
  10. Big luke1981

    Montana 7X6...the Old Fashion Way

    Outstanding Bull Pat, Congrats!!!
  11. Big luke1981

    Prayers for...

    Prayers sent!!!
  12. Big luke1981

    No more fiance

    Congratulations John, I am so happy for you!!
  13. Big luke1981

    Win a Citadel 1911 .45 handgun

    Done, thank you!!!
  14. Big luke1981

    My Bro just got home

    Glad he is home safe, Please thank him for his service!
  15. Big luke1981

    Back from Africa

    Wow, Congrats on a awesome hunt. I need to get over there one of these years.
  16. Big luke1981

    Bragging on my son

    Very cool!!!
  17. Big luke1981

    Federal Fusion

    I put 4 boxes through my 270wsm before I started reloading. I had no complaints. Killed 2 deer with them both between 150-250 yards and had great results.
  18. Big luke1981

    Hunt Talker Hunt 2014

    Worked for me also. Thank you.