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    Important new law pertaining to hunters traveling outside the US with a firearm

    Forgive me if this has been posted, but I just came across the website and it is a rather shocking difference to how we cross the border. An excerpt from their page Any time a person departs the United States by any means or method of transportation, and is...
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    Swarovski Spotter- Which One? ATS or ATX

    Looking at the two Swarovski spotters. Anyone have any experience with the new ATX line of spotters? I had the ATS previously, but I am looking at getting a new spotter and I am torn between the two. In either case, it will be a 65mm objective.
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    Montana Rifle Company 300 WSM w/ Zeiss 3.5-10x44 Scope Lower Price

    This was a custom outfit made for the Safari Club and sold/won at banquets across the US. It is a Montana Rifle Co custom extreme weather stainless/synthetic 300 WSM. Comes outfitted with a Zeiss 3.5-10x44 Conquest with the Rapid-Z reticle for accurate drop compensation. It also has Warne bases...
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    Core4, Cabelas Ultra-Pack, UA, and FoxPro for sale

    Trying to organize my basement and ran across a few items that I have either never used/worn or haven't used in many years. All prices include shipping: Core4 Assault 1/4 Zip shirt and Switchback Pants. Both size medium and in Mountain Mimicry pattern. Unworn. $110.00 shipped for the set (New...
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    Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt- Screaming Deal

    I just ran across a screaming deal on an Alaska Mountain goat hunt for this year in October. 2x1 or 1x1. I will be hunting in Newfoundland, so I can't make it happen as I will just be getting back. I don't want to violate any rules, but wanted to pass the info along, so if anyone wants some info...
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    High-Cap AR-15, AK-47, and other magazines for sale

    Looks like it is time to clear out some of my stash. Luckily, I purchased some of these prior to the last ban at a premium, so don't hate on me about the prices. I am simply trying to get back what I paid previously for them... 2- M3 grease gun 45 ACP magazines $35.00 each 3- green follower...
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    Who Loves White Birds?

    A little clip put together by a friend of our 2012 CO season in the Atlantic Flyway...
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    High Country Mule Deer

    The beginning... The end....
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    Kuiu 6000 Icon Pack and Frame

    Near new Kuiu Icon 6000 pack and carbon frame. Excellent condition and an excellent lightweight pack. I can email photos, but there isn't a mark on it. $385.00 shipped.
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    Blacks Creek Hunter Dude Daypack for sale- Brand New $85.00 w/ shipping

    This is a brand new pack. Made by Blacks Creek and called the hunter dude, see the link below. It is brand new with the hang tags. Bought it, and just changed my mind about using it and went a different direction. Buying it a year ago, I couldn't responsibly return it. $85.00 shipped TYD...
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    Nikon Compact 50mm ED Spotter

    As the title says, I am looking for a Nikon 50mm ED compact spotter. Let me know if you have one for sale.
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    Reloading Componets, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, and Berger Bullets- low prices

    As mentioned in previous posts, this is the remaining inventory from a gun shop. The reloading components below are all brand new and they can be shipped rather inexpensively through USPS flat rate boxes. Prices will range in shipping from 6-13 dollars. Big orders will receive a further...
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    Lots of Handgun, shotgun slugs, and rimfire Ammunition For Sale, below cost prices

    Just like the rifle ammunition, this is the remainder of inventory I am helping an old friend clean out after his retirement from the gun business. Price listed on the right is each, and the quantity available is listed on the left. Deeper discount for bigger purchases and 10 boxes or more...
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    Lots of Ammunition For Sale- Below cost prices

    As I stated in an earlier post, I am helping an old friend liquidate his store after closing down his gunsmithing/sporting good shop after more than 30 years. With Fins blessing, I am listing up some items for fellow hunttalkers. The list below is all rifle ammunition with more to come including...
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    Kimber, Remington, Savage, Ruger, and other misc. firearms for sale

    All, I am helping an old friend clean out some remaining inventory from his close shop after he retired late December of last year. The prices on these guns are at or below cost and I wanted to potentially pass along some deal to fellow Hunt Talkers. All guns MUST ship to an ffl, but we will...
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    Salmon River Idaho Mulies- Wolf Kill

    Anyone have a reasonable feel for how the wolves have affected the mule deer in the Salmon River region of Idaho. Trying to decide on a hunt for this year, and want to see if anyone has general knowledge on how badly the wolves have hurt them. Specifically in the area of the Sawtooth National...
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    Kings Desert Shadown Camo For Sale

    I have a couple unused items for sale. They are still brand new, with the hang tags. Medium Desert Shadow XKG Soft Shell Vest $120.00 from Kings, $80.00 Shipped Large TX Bomber Jacket in Desert Shadow $80.00 from Kings, $55.00...
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    Blood Sweat and Bears, a PA Opener for Blackies

    PA bear season is something far different than anything offered by other states across the US. The season is a short four days, there is no baiting or hounds allowed, yet still the statewide kill reaches near 3000 each year. Terrific bear management and research has built a strong and very...
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    Oregon 450 vs 450t?

    Debating on which one to buy, while I plan to download maps of the states I will be hunting, I am not sure if it is worth buying the Oregon with the preloaded USA maps. I have always used a very simple GPS to mark waypoints and etc., so I am a little green to this higher end mapping technology...
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    Anyone Need Size 14 Waders? Brand New Pair FS.

    Brand new set of Macks PW Big Ditch size 14 waders. These are brand new with the tags. The camo is Avery Buck Brush. Just the wrong size and I sat on them too long to get it taken care of. $130.00 shipped in the lower 48.

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