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    ID Primary Election and Public Lands

    so original and precious I did use that thing and came up with this “new legislation signed into law on Sept. 1 created a flat income tax bracket for the entire state and increased public education funding by $410 million a year.” I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m saying I don’t see any...
  2. lastlight

    ID Primary Election and Public Lands

    I can’t find anything on this, what’s going on exactly? Post falls has the number one district in the state and that’s where I’m looking.
  3. lastlight

    34” wide Colorado buck

    Toad!! Very impressive shooting
  4. lastlight

    Rotator cuff surgery

    I had a complete tear in my labrum, rotor cuff and bicep tendon. Took a chance and went against the surgeons advise and flew to Texas to receive stem cell treatment. After 4 months or so of easing back into lifting weights and a little PT my shoulder is 100%. Couldn’t be happier that I didn’t go...
  5. lastlight

    ID Primary Election and Public Lands

    CDA or surrounding smaller towns, Maybe post falls. Two priorities are best school for my young daughter and acreage.
  6. lastlight

    ID Primary Election and Public Lands

    Has anyone here gone to a public meeting? Would be interesting to challenge him in person on the land transfer BS. I know the ex BHA man did some years back but it wasn’t that good..
  7. lastlight

    ID Primary Election and Public Lands

    Can you expand on that? What’s going to cause his death or prison sentence? He was already let off pretty easy..
  8. lastlight

    ID Primary Election and Public Lands

    I’m trying to learn Idaho politics as of late as I am moving to the panhandle in a few months… from yes, you guessed it California. Funny thing is all I read is either that place is ruined by Californians and their politics or there’s kkk members behind every tree. Makes me chuckle. What...
  9. lastlight

    ID Primary Election and Public Lands

    Wait, does Bundy have a legitimate chance at actually winning? Or is this thread a waste of energy?
  10. lastlight

    Go hunt Landowner Tags

    Somehow, someway, Fin will write a well thought essay on why he still feels like promoting/partnering the likes of gohunt is right for hunting and conservation and we will be left scratching our heads over these topics. I say this in hope of a response that may put our concerns at ease, but I...
  11. lastlight

    From a ranch, but HOLY CRAP!

    Hey look the bull actually was seen in the wild! More so than that ranch…
  12. lastlight

    From a ranch, but HOLY CRAP!

    Whatever the guy has to tell himself to think he actually went on a hunt. Pathetic and outrageous that game farms are legal. F that.
  13. lastlight

    Great social media posts..

    I thought influencers teach you not to leave antlers in your truck bed all night in a hotel parking lot during their “master class” ceremonies?
  14. lastlight

    Wasted bull and poor choices story

    Yep! You see here, it’s hunters that ruin it for other hunters. If we all respected private we wouldn’t have issues. Shut gates, pick up trash, ask for permission only when necessary or an honest situation.
  15. lastlight

    Wasted bull and poor choices story

    10 years from now I would give 2 chits about putting the elk out of its misery 20 yards onto private and getting caught. Causing an animal to suffer for hours because the ol rancher had a stick up his ass would haunt me for longer. But I have a feeling there’s more to this story. The best thing...
  16. lastlight

    Opening Day and Long Range Shooting

    It’s not like antelopes live in terrain that doesn’t allow someone to get within 400 yards. So purposely taking a 2,000 Yard shot just to prove a point deserves to get open handed slapped at the least. The game we are after deserve respect. In a few years we will all see 3000+ yard shots and...
  17. lastlight

    Anyone in the Kalispell Area Missing a Husky?

    Social media is the worst thing to happen to hunting, that said this chick is something special posting that online. But I’d shoot that wild dog in the mountains everyday. Especially if it was acting aggressive and chasing deer like said. Funny to see how riled up some of you get over this yet...
  18. lastlight

    Wyoming Corner Crossing Defense Fund

    It’s time to bring out the pitch forks for this pharma douche, unreal!
  19. lastlight

    Poacher arrows Bullwinkle in CO

    OJ Simpson jurors are going hard in the paint in this thread
  20. lastlight

    Poacher arrows Bullwinkle in CO

    There is def profiting off of dumb people going on in society, but thats nothing new! Sh*t I bought a $1,500 new bow last year when I really didnt need it.

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