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  1. MTelkHuntress

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Bulls don't exist. I'm convinced they are a myth 😂
  2. MTelkHuntress

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    His first snow. Happy dog.
  3. MTelkHuntress

    PSA: yes, you have a sweet new hot tent, now please stop camping in the elk...

    I don't hunt where there's elk (cause I suck at finding them), but when I do, some guy has set up his permanent camp above the field and on the spring that the elk frequent. Those elk quickly find elsewhere to be. Some people are lucky though.
  4. MTelkHuntress

    Montana mule deer rant

    A couple of the districts in Western Montana went from unlimited permit to general but ending earlier to try to eliminate hunting during the rut for mule deer. Plenty of people were not happy about the season ending earlier. I got the feeling that the biologist didn't think it would accomplish...
  5. MTelkHuntress

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Should have stayed home. Heck at this point I have better odds seeing an elk from town 😂
  6. MTelkHuntress

    Montana Mule Deer Management Survey

    Shhh don't give them more ideas. They are clearly watching us 😂 The answer to how easy are the current mule deer regulations to understand better be very easy since they "simplified" it further by turning some permit districts out this way to general....not that they were very difficult to...
  7. MTelkHuntress

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Can't get away from these things.
  8. MTelkHuntress

    2022 Failure Thread
  9. MTelkHuntress

    2022 Failure Thread

    He's knows what distance he's safe at.
  10. MTelkHuntress

    2022 Failure Thread

    Our archery season was pretty depressing until these last couple weeks when we finally found a spot with bulls. No monsters but some decent bulls. 3 times now I have been busted by the same dinky little bull while trying to move in on a herd bull. The little guy just randomly appears, barks, and...
  11. MTelkHuntress

    WTF Montana. This is real?

    I agree. "He has visited 133 countries (and counting) over the past 20 years and won 27 national awards for his writing and photography." National awards for writing....huh 🤔 Also, I had to look 😂
  12. MTelkHuntress

    6 1/2 weeks later…

    Congratulations!! That's awesome!
  13. MTelkHuntress

    Montana Elk Plan Public Scoping Meetings

    There was mention of a unit where the bull numbers are really low. The biologist said half the sportsmen wanted it to go to a draw to get to the numbers up and the other half liked their opportunity to hunt close to town. I don't see the value in having so much hunting opportunity if bull...
  14. MTelkHuntress

    Montana Elk Plan Public Scoping Meetings

    Around 25 people showed up in Missoula. I took a lot of notes but here's some main points. There was definitely an emphasis on managing on an Elk Management Unit (EMU) level and I also didn't like this. Elk may be under objective in one unit but elk management unit is within objective. They...
  15. MTelkHuntress

    Wasted bull and poor choices story

    Yep, I get it now. Great, now I'm gonna be recommended crummy hunting videos on YouTube for at least a week 😂
  16. MTelkHuntress

    Montana Elk Plan Public Scoping Meetings

    This was my concern about the upcoming Missoula meeting. Lots of folks seems to hunt elsewhere and far. I'm still hoping for some good discussion.
  17. MTelkHuntress

    Wasted bull and poor choices story

    I also question the hunter in this story but I'm curious how far should hunters be hunting from private land? Should we be giving up even more public land? Should we not hunt some block management because you can't get far enough away from their neighbor's land? Absolutely the hunter made a...
  18. MTelkHuntress

    The Cliffs of Seduction

    Fantastic! Congratulations! What beautiful country for a hunt as well.
  19. MTelkHuntress

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    After passing up 8 yesterday...I gave in today.
  20. MTelkHuntress

    Glad I “ruined” your hunt. Yes you deserve to die and I hope you burn in hell!

    Just saw this after reading your comment. Some people are just jerks. Sorry that happened. For the most part, people I've encountered have been pretty nice...but everyone once in a while I get the "this is my spot only" people. I once met some people that were set up with their rifles on a...

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