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    Recommendations for a bow for my wife

    Would recommend taking her to a shop and seeing what she feels comfortable with and adjustable might be a good idea. My wife felt more comfortable starting at 18lbs on an adjustable bear royale, color, weight and style mattered. Once she learnt her shooting form she started to increase as she...
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    Wyoming 2022 draw results!!!!

    Drew a leftover cow/calf elk, so happy that I wasn't a complete strikeout for WY this year.
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    MI cow Elk Tag

    Congratulations! How many points did you manage to draw that with? Id say take whatever rifle you shoot most comfortably with. Either caliber kills alot of elk - the velocity and impact energy at the shorter distances here will probably render the point somewhat moot. Provided you can place...
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    What am I missing? Wyoming Antelope 38-2

    I think part of it might also be gas related - little less distance to drive for antelope might play into peoples thought process.
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    Wyoming 2022 draw results!!!!

    Large party apps were the problem as I expected seeing us both strike out - I really don't think its appropriate to have a swing like this - this is nearly bait and switch. Wyoming also needs to work on their math as this is bizarre. Also I think I see why alot of people aren't drawing: A total...
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    Wyoming 2022 draw results!!!!

    Just tough - no draw on special antelope in a unit that was a certainty and not desirable for the two of us - doe tags were low chance anyway, but now up the creek without a paddle. Wife is devastated - she said can’t I trade my Wyoming Elk for an Antelope tag (this is what she really wanted to...
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    Wyoming 2022 draw results!!!!

    Trying for Antelope in an easier to draw unit with two of us - I was contemplating building points, but will be out there for a longer timeframe, and the wife is more keen on antelope than anything else so we'll see. Anything is fair game from her perspective so trophy unit doesn't really...
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    Trudeau Puts Freeze On Handguns

    Difference in a more direct system - in the Westminster system the government and opposition can introduce bills (two-house system, House of Commons and Senate), and Trudeau is the PM, which means in terms of role he is more like the role played by the speaker of the house + Secretary of <> in...
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    Unsuccessful with 1 point here - only to have my wife laughing her head off having drawn a WY General with the same. She is one of those people who tends to do that though. So now gotta work out out what to do with generals for her for WY, and both of us in MT. I know WY is the better tag, so...
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    Necessary gear for first western hunt.

    If it makes her comfortable and happy thats all that matters, my wife does the same and it keeps her (and me) out there, which is worth every penny spent (she likes sitka so ouch). In terms of the pack - definitely make sure he gets a women's pack that fits her - Memorial day sales are a good...
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    New member from Michigan

    Welcome from the Mid.
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    New from MI

    New to the forum, hunter from MI. Hunted predominantly fowl, whitetail and upland here in MI, and been a fly fisher for many years. This year have an opportunity to spend some time out west and had cultivated a few points in previous years. Hoping to draw goats in WY, outside chance of WY Elk...
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    Montana draw

    Wife and I drew general elk tags (2 points), looking forward to getting out there.

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