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    Hey 1Kghunter, i was looking at threads discussing CO GMU 66 and saw that you seemed to know the...

    Hey 1Kghunter, i was looking at threads discussing CO GMU 66 and saw that you seemed to know the unit well. I'm taking my 14 year old daughter to unit 66 over Thanksgiving next week with a cow tag and will be staying in Gunnison. Any general advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Rzrbk
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    New member from Ohio

    Welcome to the site. It's never free! Some of the stories and comments may haunt you for life.
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    New guy from Colorado

    Welcome from NM.
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    New member

    Welcome from NM.
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    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome to HT, it's great to have you aboard!
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    New Guy from MN

    Welcome from NM.
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    Welcome from NM.
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    West Virginia Public Land

    Welcome from NM. Good luck finding a good spot. Don't overlook close locations. There's something to be said for "nearby" knowing the area well, and time spent in the woods.
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    New from West Virginia

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    New from MT

    Welcome to HT.
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    FNG here

    Welcome from NM.
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    NC Member Joining In

    Welcome from NM.
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    Almost afraid to admit it

    Welcome from NM.
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    I don’t feel like a new guy…

    Welcome to HT!
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    New shooter

    It's great to give back to the sport! Hopefully the kid embraces hunting safety and ethics and represents us well. I never understood how CDFG could call pigs invasive species, declare they want to eliminate them, but then turn around and require a hunting license plus an actual tag to shoot...
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    New but Old

    Welcome from NM.
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    New to HT in CO.

    Welcome to HT! You're now on the winning team but we need all the help we can muster to keep up the momentum. Great to have you aboard!
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    New Mexico success

    Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had good wingmen from Razorback land!
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    First year Bowhunting

    Great story and a great example of giving back to the sport in a very positive manner! If every ethical hunter would so the same then hunting would gain the kind of support we need into the future.
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    Howdy Yall

    Welcome from NM. Where do you call home if you don't mind me asking?

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