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    Take Back Your Elk

    Anyone else scanning listings for the 40 acres for sale reputed to have 15(?!) LO tags allocated? I may have misheard that. It sounds way out of whack but I might also be interested in making an offer.
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    CO leftover list is available

    I finally remembered to play the game today for the first time this season… and got the same #1 the whole time. Only tried for a minute after 11 tho. Was I late, early, who knows. I don’t get this system.
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    KHunter 2022 ID bull and CO cow moose hunts

    Fantastic! We floated the Henry’s fork years ago on a fishing trip and had a bull moose cross the river and pause while the current seemingly was about to carry us between his legs. So they’re in there! Good luck and thanks for taking us along
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    CO leftover list is available

    I just put BE061O1M in the mail today, we’ll see how long it takes to show up.
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    2022 New Mexico draw results!!!!

    Just noticed today, draw stats posted Complete-report.xlsx
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    KHunter NM Pronghorn 2022

    Good luck and have fun, looking forward to following along
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    New Mexico 2022 Hunting Regs now online

    I don’t see 2022 draw statistics posted, is it always this late? Or is it posted and I’m just not seeing.
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    How it's made.

    Cool video! Ran a machine shop for a few years. Yes, all chips are recycled for sure, that’s money. Honestly didn’t know machined bullets were a thing but I guess that makes sense for more reliable ballistics. If only primers and bh 209 were as simple :D
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    Awesome stuff. Agree with you about cheap tickets and empty parks, usually more fun for the kids that way. Took me a minute to realize that young feller was you and not Zach Hampel.. :ROFLMAO:
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    Bone saw recommendations

    I’ve been pretty happy with this from Walton’s. If you can keep your kids from cutting down trees with it On the other hand if you don’t have a sawzall here’s your chance… certainly will be more generally useful.
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    First ever!

    Never caught one. its on my list
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    2022 New Mexico draw results!!!!

    agreed, NMDGF would need to provide code and process details to an auditor; it would not be a matter of examining outputs.
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    2022 New Mexico draw results!!!!

    No sour grapes here, and I think I also made clear I don’t think there’s any wrongdoing. But software is hard, sometimes. If it’s been vetted they should advertise that.
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    2022 New Mexico draw results!!!!

    I'm thinking more along the lines of a game show auditor that reviews procedures and confirms things are handled correctly, things like anonymization of applications prior to assignment of random numbers, that the random number generator and associated algorithms don't have bugs, etc - a...
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    2022 New Mexico draw results!!!!

    Serious question for the peanut gallery, has there ever been an audit of their process? I know, no single applicant has enough data to prove non-randomness… but the burden of proof of randomness should be on them. If I was them I’d advertise the quality of the draw process front and center...
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    NM draw

    2/12 applications for the six of us. first choice late archery mule deer and third choice early archery elk. First NM elk tag!! will be hittin yall up for honey holes here shortly!
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    NM draw

    Do I remember correctly that in the past the Nmgfd mobile app will show results the night before, ie Tuesday night?
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    NM draw

    Record application numbers from my household this year, six in total for me and sons. Deer and elk only. Interested to see if the application trend continues... it will, if I’m any indication.
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    Colorado non-res Doe license, $412 and draw only?

    In New York State as a non resident I paid $100 for a license including buck tag and I think $10 per additional doe tag last year. $400 for a Mule deer doe sounds like a really bad deal to me.

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