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    FS Camp chair heater

    I want to start off by saying that I already got Randy’s blessing to post this here. Im trying to figure out if there will be much of a market for these before I go into full blown production mode I have a few ‘Hiney Heaters’ up for grabs and should have a fresh batch showing up in a week or...
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    Patent experts?

    Is there anyone on here that is a patent lawyer or anyone that has been through the patent process? I‘ve got a product in mind and was just kind of looking for a little insight before I get too far in the weeds with it. Thanks!
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    FS-Semi custom 280 AI

    This rifle started out as a Winchester 670 chambered in .243. I had never heard of a 670 before but it was winchesters answer to the rem 700 adl. It was their model 70 push feed action, cheaper wood stock, no bottom metal, and they only came in one length. I stripped it down and only kept the...
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    Pack rod

    Is anyone in need of a new pack rod? I’ve got a 6’ 3 piece UL MHX blank that’s ready to wrap but I don’t really have a need for it. Already have the handle glued up with a skeleton reel seat and carbon fiber insert. Will make a pretty sweet travel rod and I can wrap with whatever color thread...
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    Nosler E-tips

    I’ve got 4 boxes of 6.5 120 gr e-tips that need a new home as they have just been collecting dust on my reloading bench. Let’s try $170 shipped
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    WTS Leupold Santium HD 15x56

    I have a brand new pair of santium 15x56 in Sitka subalpine that I’m looking to get rid of. They’ve been taken out of the box but haven’t left the house. EuroOptics wants to charge me a return handling charge so I figured I’d see if anyone was looking for a set before I returned them. Could save...
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    WTS Manfrotto 190xprob and 498RC2

    Looking to sell my manfrotto 190xprob tripod and 498RC2 ball head. Both are in good shape and function as they should. Looking for $200 185 shipped for the combo.
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    WTS Slick Trick 100 gr standards

    I’ve got 9-100 gr slick trick standards that are just sitting in my archery box that need a new home. All in good shape. Sold
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    WTS Easton Aftermath 340’s price drop

    I’ve got a mixed bag of Easton aftermath 340 spine arrows that just didn’t work for my setups. Too stiff for my stickbows and too weak for my compound. I would be willing to fletch with leftover vanes that I have or you could send me whatever you want them fletched with. I can cut to length and...
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    Cleaning out my archery box and don’t see myself using these anymore as I’ve moved up to 150 grain heads. All prices are shipped to your door. Thanks All heads are 100 grains 6- NAP Thunderheads $25 sold 8- Trophy Ridge ultimate steel $35 $30 5- Magnus Stingers $35 sold 4- American Broadhead...
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    What’s your occupation?

    I’m always kind of curious what people do for work. I grew up with a dad that always worked in an industrial setting so that’s what I gravitated towards. Currently I’m working as a Technician on a crude oil pipeline. It’s kind of an all encompassing role (electrical, mechanical, and...
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    Hornady .243 brass

    100 pieces of new Hornady .243 brass. $50 shipped
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    S&W 629 classic .44

    I’ve decided to sell my S&W 629 classic .44 mag. I’ve got a hard case and leather holster for it although it doesn’t fit in the holster with the scope. The scope is a Leupold M8-4x E.R. Looking for $775 and a local pickup if possible. I can ship if necessary though.
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    FS- Bino tripod adapter

    I had some leftover materials from making my bino adapter so I made a few extras. $20 shipped
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    Kid carriers

    I’m in the market for backpack to haul my son around and was curious what the HT crew recommends. Before I started my research, it seemed like the Osprey poco was the way to go but I’m not completely sold on it yet. I’ve been comparing the Osprey, Deuter kid comfort 3, and Kelty perfect fit...
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    FS Black Gold Ascent Verdict single pin

    Looking to sell a new black gold ascent verdict single pin slider. I only took it out of the package to check it out and never mounted it. $170 shipped
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    FS .30 cal 190 gr Sierra Matchkings

    Started out as a 500 count box and if my count is correct I’ve got 479 left. Planned on shooting them out of a .300 RSAUM that I ended up selling. $160 shipped to your door
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    FS LH Trophy Ridge React 5 pin

    I’ve got a brand new left hand Troohy Ridge React 5 pin for sale. Was trying to pick up a spare sight but didn’t realize it was a left hand sight and I can’t return it. $90 shipped
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    3d Targets

    Anyone shoot a 3d target in their backyard? I'm looking to keep it under $150 otherwise I would just get a Rinehart without thinking twice. With my budget I was looking at the cabelas deluxe whitetail ($95) and the 4 sided glendel buck ($130). Anyone have any experience with either of these? It...
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    Montana Billy

    Once I figured out I didn't draw any primo tags this year I started sending the usual texts and making calls trying to figure out who drew what. A guy I used to work with, Shayne, ended up drawing the same goat tag I had in '15. Having an obsession for hunting goats, I immediately offered up a...
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