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    Important new law pertaining to hunters traveling outside the US with a firearm

    Forgive me if this has been posted, but I just came across the website and it is a rather shocking difference to how we cross the border. An excerpt from their page Any time a person departs the United States by any means or method of transportation, and is...
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    grand slam question

    I have down the grand slam twice, once with a bow and once during a single season with a gun. I like hunting turkeys, so the slam is simply a nice reason to go different places. My next goal is the super slam, taking a turkey in every state they exist. Did I mention i like to turkey hunt? I...
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    Photo contest - Landscapes

    Prince William Sound- Shoup Glacier Icebergs Going to sleep every night with a view like this from your tent makes you realize just how special some of the places hunting can take you truly are. People pay a lot of money just to see this glacier/area one time from afar on a tour boat, and we...
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    Montana MSG Results...

    No sheep or moose here. Still waiting on goat.
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    Has anyone received any info about "if" there will be any tags available for sheep in New Mexico for DIY or guided NR'S? If it goes by hunt-code, then there won't be, but if it goes by "sheep", there will be a couple. I haven't been able to get a straight answer.
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    I understand the reasoning nmtaxi, but to do it for this year after the application deadline has passed is legally irresponsible. We, the department and the applicant, signed a contract the moment money changed hands. There was no "fine print" that allowed the game to be changed at will. I have...
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    Not sure of the number of nonresidents that apply for NM, but say 10,000 apply for three species which is roughly 5,000. Simple math makes that 50 million being held by NM F&G. Figuring 1% interest and holding money for 4 months, they are making $166,500...... That is simple interest, and they...
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    Done. I also emailed a bunch to those with emails listed the NM F&G website. If they want to change the deal, that is fine. Give me my money back so that I can use it elsewhere this year.
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    I know you did, and we all appreciate it. I don't necessarily mind residents getting the major majority of tags. The only hiccup to that is they aren't the only ones paying for species introduction, management, and etc and it bothers me when they keep wanting more and more. Some residents don't...
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    Couldn't agree more Buzz. I have alot of money invested every year in points and licenses, but 6% odds is wack when there aren't enough tags to generate even more than 1 "possible" tag. Granted, this is not as wack as Wyoming wanting to change their system after having thousands of my dollars in...
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    From this, it looks like there would be only one ram tag available to NR's at best. Unless they happen to include ewes, then best case for NR sheep allocations is a total of two tags. If they break RM and Desert sheep apart, there may be no tags available to NR as I almost sure it is a...
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    Exactly, I think there will be 1-2 tags available to NR as a whole in the sheep category and 1 rifle Ibex tag available to unguided NR. That is the worst odds of any draw in the nation and surely one that won't garner them any support in the future from DIY NR. Residents want want and want, it...
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    I agree Oak. I agree the residents, to an extent, where getting screwed but at the same time to change it this year is absolutely ridiculous. I have a large amount of money on hold by New Mexico which is worthless. Only being eligible for 6% of the tag pool as an unguided NR is laughable. I...
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    New Mexico - Terk Overturned

    The real issue I have with this is that I already applied and they are holding my money. That is bogus and something that may be illegal; given that you applied and then they changed the allocations after the fact and while they are holding your money that you thought gave you "X" odds. Unlike...
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    WY NR hunters bend over...

    Perceived to be broken by who? The current system brings in a larger amount of money from nonresidents than it does from residents, and the residents get 4x the amount of tags. You would be foolish to think that the G&F of all westerns states aren't shy about cashing in on the nonresidents to...
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    My 1st AK hunt

    10-4, I know the outfitter that operates on the island, sometimes, in January. Having a boat would be nice for Pacifics, but, I plan to go hunt them in Cold Bay this November. I am going to try for a euro in Cold Bay and use Adak as a back up plan. Not sure if I will be going in 2015 or 2016...
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    My 1st AK hunt

    Very cool. Did you take your own kayak with you or is there a place to rent one? I am planning do an unguided trip to Adak in search of the Aleutian/Common teal and the eurasian wigeon. After completing the slam this year, I want to try and get a bunch of the subspecies and vagrants to round out...
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    USF&W Wildlife recently allowed a legal import of a black rhino after a long court process. The reasoning was simple, the hunter had given more to their conservation than he had by taking an old cull animal out of the population. Plenty of research was done to ensure that the money he had paid...
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    FHF Gear Bino Harness

    After trying 5-6 different options, the FHF is the best out there. Doesn't bounce if on a horse and keeps things clean when not in use.
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    Range day. Strange results.

    Did you shoot this group after the 200 yard group?

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