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  1. squirrel

    405 Winchester

    And a LOT of drop it is Brent... full 24" at just 200 yards with my current 405 grain cast load (at about 1600 fps) But it has penetration out the wazooo, had a 22" chunk of spruce for a pistol back stop last winter and decided to try out the 45-70. Good thing there was a big round bale behind...
  2. squirrel

    Are you really hiking with 15x56? Can they take the place of a spotting scope?

    Their weight (and price) are deterrents but they bring some solid attributes to the table also. Just make sure to get a comfy chest pack that will fit their size, you will find they arent that bad to haul in "ready mode" If you do they can always be packed, but I always find I don't use them...
  3. squirrel

    405 Winchester

    I went on a Capstick bender last spring (as spring never showed up!) He put a lot of info in his books as he did not hesitate to pull from history to illustrate his points when his own tales needed some further fleshing out. Of course how much info that did NOT back up his pet theories ended...
  4. squirrel

    Mule Deer Scoring/Pictures

    These two were both deceiving, usually I over estimate by 10" These two were bigger than my eyeball said. Both were right at 190 give or take a couple (going from memory not going to dig them out of the pile) As stated above fork depth and Main beam is all you need, and some "free money" can...
  5. squirrel

    Hunting for a Giant Mountain Whitetail

    I think it would be a mistake to chalk your failure to connect as being they are in a "remote" or "hard to access' spot. In my experience they are right there, where they should be but with an Einstein IQ and balls to match, hiding in cover that quail would be hard pressed to hide in and not...
  6. squirrel

    How the heck do I carry a 100+ lb moose quarter?

    Ever see a round steak, bone in? weighs maybe 1-2 lbs if it's a real thick one. Now somewhere between that moose mountain of connected bones and that single round. (bone in) steak lies your answer, you probably should seek consent from your back before choosing your answer.
  7. squirrel

    Best T-Rex Medicine

    You guys are slow studies of dino-lore. Everyone with a gun or it's ilk ends up a dino-turd. Yet a proven approach like a flask of pee in a super soaker has not been mentioned. McGyver stuff like a reflective mirror, (or shiny kitchen cabinet) duct tape, shoo goo and some fencing wire would be...
  8. squirrel

    Any real estate attorneys here? Looking for a little free advice on a land purchase going sour.

    You need two things a more responsive attorney, (or a car to go three hours) and more factual info. If you think you are a RE expert just cross the state line and you will be humbled, so any advice from outside your state is suspect. (as is what follows here) In most cases a ROFR is recorded...
  9. squirrel

    A Llittle Llama Decoy Action

    Even in the summer the intrepid squirrel can, and sometimes will go out in the yard to pee on the doghouse corner. Went on a 25 mile walk-about with 3 veterans and 5 new guys. Snow pack was incredible for late summer, it was still spring-like conditions with only the earliest flowers...
  10. squirrel

    Mountain Goat Questions

    Watch the other end, especially as they get up out of a bed. The plumbing does not lie. And when you are watching a billie get close enough to use the scope to count growth rings, and there are generally at least two more below hair line on older goats. They are amazing critters, enjoy the...
  11. squirrel

    Population Growth and Hunting in Rocky Mountain States

    Drive down hunter success not participation, Bow season recurves and long bows only, rifle season is flintlocks with patched round balls, except for predators then machine guns on helicopters are OK... Puts me almost in line with Nameless. This stuff of one guy covering 1000 yards in a 360...
  12. squirrel

    Experience hunting with a recurve

    I believe I put the story on this site under sheep. Title of "chilly sheep" (quite a while ago) The pic itself was shot on self timer off a Minolta Maxxum film camera wedged on top of some grass/rocks (at way too low an elevation) Of course back in those flintstone days you didn't know what...
  13. squirrel

    Experience hunting with a recurve

    Traditional pics tend to have smaller antler size yet bigger smiles. There is a reason. It used to be very special to be able to harvest an animal with a bow, any legal animal. Met a guy last fall who had pins to 120 yards. Personally I've got no business shooting instinctively past 20...
  14. squirrel

    Packing in water

    You have missed the obvious link of your peeves. The beer is floated into position using the party balloons, the beer is then drunk and the heavy can and balloon husk are left as "just too heavy " to pack out... in a drunken stupor
  15. squirrel

    Packing in water

    get a food grade plastic bucket with snap on lid 3 gallon weigh 1-1/2 lbs lasts for years even in full light costs nothing at grocery store bakery (icing bucket for their doughnuts) dig hole bury. I carry them in in pairs as balanced loads on llamas, If used wisely 6 gallons lasts a long time.
  16. squirrel

    llamas for elk

    Wait until the "alaska policy" becomes the accepted base line passing as "fact" in this regard, I fear it twill be very ugly, proving the old axiom that a lie will be halfway around the world before the truth gets it's pants on... And that phrase was coined before all this internet stuff. BTW...
  17. squirrel

    llamas for elk

    There is an awful lot of "general" info out there that is "generally" wrong, usually because people paint with a broad brush based on an extremely limited experience. Llamas will allow you to do more when you are 60 than you could do at 30, and with a greater degree of comfort. But you must...
  18. squirrel

    SCHNEE'S - Bozeman

    Opposite for me leaked like a sieve returned and came back smeared with goo and when i put in a tub and went to get some lead to hold them down they were full to the top upon return. Called again and they said tough luck pal they are your boots enjoy them NEVER AGAIN... And when I say leaked...
  19. squirrel

    Ryan Fire - WY unit 81 deer

    This fire burned about as hot as a fire can burn, as would be expected given the drought and wind conditions that spawned it. fine ash goes down to mineral soil, I dug thru some 16-18" deep and hiked miles without passing a living tree or bush. Moisture aint gonna do squat here except cause...
  20. squirrel

    Behind the decision to allow chain saws in Southwest Colorado wilderness areas

    Like here they studied to see what kills buck deer, I offered that fast moving lead would rank quite high on the list (and was proven correct) All these bureaucrats need to do is announce that they are not going to write any tickets and the trails will magically maintain themselves, much as...