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  1. dan.kirkpatrick

    Utah elk hunt north and south slope info

    i drew s slope muzzy deer,,so ill be in there just before the elk season starts.
  2. dan.kirkpatrick

    Oregon non-resident difficulties.?

    if your coming to oregon,,tags are otc for general bow,,just gotta pony up the ore non-res can get them online once you set up a oregon acct w odfw,,i dont think oregon hits there quota for non-res,but you could call and see.
  3. dan.kirkpatrick

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    i dont see anything wrong with this myself,,what very few people out there that can afford them,,good for them.i dont see it tearing things up or emitting polution,,its gonna be a very small percentage of the crowd i think.
  4. dan.kirkpatrick

    New ATV; What accessories?

    i got a "hook-a-rack" for the front of mine,,easy on and off,,makes carrying game back to camp nice,,,one of my best add on gadgets.
  5. dan.kirkpatrick

    Colorado bowhunters, please grab a bear tag too

    what unit do ya think would be a better chance of bumping into a bear??444 2nd season or 57-58 1st season?
  6. dan.kirkpatrick

    Colorado bowhunters, please grab a bear tag too

    question,,,i drew a unit 57-58 1st season elk tag and also a unit 444 2nd seson deer tag,,it appears to me that if i got a bear tag,i would have to pick 1 area?would pick up a non res bear tag for $100 if i could hunt bear on both hunts but it doesnt appear to look like 1 tag will do...
  7. dan.kirkpatrick

    Oregon High Desert Elk Hunt

    pm sent with a few tips
  8. dan.kirkpatrick

    Elk hunting with atv’s

    nothing wrong with using them where allowed,,follow the rules,stay on the proper roads and trails,be considerate to others,,they are a good tool and way to get around the rough roads.
  9. dan.kirkpatrick

    Utah elk hunt north and south slope info

    ive heard that a lot of elk blow out of the south slope public and go down the hill past the mining area on private toward vernal pretty quickly.
  10. dan.kirkpatrick

    freezer Idea

    what I try to do is take 1 gallon ziplock freezer bags,,{a few boxes} with me,,debone and fit to 1 gallon bags,,ziplock and freeze till I get home then,thaw and clean and process the meat a bag at a time as it unthaws at home where I can clean and trim and grind it better,,mark the bags with a...
  11. dan.kirkpatrick

    freezer Idea

    ive got a 7 cu ft chest freezer from home depot and its the only way to go on a long multi animal trip,,its lasted 7 yrs so far and still going,,this year will be a real test,,3 deer tags and 2 elk tags,,not very sure if I can get it all to fit in a 7 cu ft freezer if I'm successful on all...
  12. dan.kirkpatrick

    Wolves in Colorado (officially soon)

    glad i drew my tags this year as when/if the wolf introduction comes in,the deer and elk will go down,,and thats a guarantee.throphy mule deer hunting and 250k elk population will be dropping.
  13. dan.kirkpatrick

    Idaho november 61 weather and deer population?

    ended up not getting a elk there few years back,,,some sign but mainly moose.
  14. dan.kirkpatrick

    Idaho november 61 weather and deer population?

    seen alot of cow moose there,,a good place for cow moose hunts if you could ever draw a moose tag
  15. dan.kirkpatrick

    The Straw the Broke the Camels Back (Fords....)

    I feel sorry for anybody with a newer ford,,{2003+} they have really gone down hill from there..2002 7.3 was the last good ford imo,,,i went dodge.
  16. dan.kirkpatrick

    Idaho november 61 weather and deer population?

    not alot of deer there last time i was in 61 few years back.
  17. dan.kirkpatrick

    Wyoming deer tag results

    no draw on my limited tag app,,maybe next year
  18. dan.kirkpatrick

    Oregon’s Up next !

    drew my muzzy antelope!!finally w 9 points,,drew silvies late cow as a 2nd,,and 119a h cascade deer as a 2nd,,nothing else ,,but not bad,,assumed strike outs on sheep,mtn goat,and premium tag apps,struck out on 600 series too,just a point.
  19. dan.kirkpatrick

    Oregon’s Up next !

    my online apps keeps saying eligible???
  20. dan.kirkpatrick

    Oregon’s Up next !

    have checked several times over the weekend,,hoping they would give us the news on fathers day,,but no,,they gotta keep us waiting,,nothing yet today,,but hope it kicks out today sometime.