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  1. neffa3

    Bundy’s and Ravalli County

    I hope it looks like justice.
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    Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing

    That would be impossible based on your beliefs. You already "know" it's tainted.
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    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    We don't seem to disagree on many things but this is one of them. I know for damn sure exactly what conditions my hometown gets "feet" of snow. It is a very specific set of conditions that learned from my Mom, who learned it from her father, all of us growing up within the same 1/4 section. I...
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    Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing

    So let me get this straight there are crazy people (Greenpeace) and sane people (climate scientists around the world), both of whom happen to agree on a topic, but you're saying that you're not going to listen to the sane ones simply because of the crazy ones also share that idea? Just...
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    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    Connection to place man. It's a big thing for a lot of us. Generational landscape and cultural knowledge of a place is a pretty rare commodity.
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    Free Galaxy S7 Otterbox case

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    My First Elk - NM Bull

    dude that's a great first elk. Congrats, you got me all kinds of fired up. We leave tonight for elk camp, can't wait.
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    Latest Gun Related Changes at Walmart

    about getting elected. Fixed it.
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    WA Bear proposal, support needed!

    I get that. But I do think we're slowing going towards expanded spring tags on the east side. I basically took the approach of supporting it, then added in the comments that we need more spring opportunities in the cascades.
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    WA Bear proposal, support needed!

    I'm not going to put the removal of the Kapowsin tags on WDFW. It's a private land hunt, if the owners were getting too much bear damage they would continue it. I'd bet it's removal is due to poor hunter behavior on private lands more than anything. From that survey: The department was...
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    Latest Gun Related Changes at Walmart

    This they're supposed to sell them who's supposed to buy them?
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    And the pendulum keeps swings higher and higher, in each direction I'm sure we'll get an equally idiotic and reactionary response from the pro-gun side soon. At some point we either need to relax, tone down the rhetoric and...
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    Escape and Evasion

    I'm a big fan of coy. I went that direction and didn't see much. Good luck.
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    New Appointment to head BLM?

    Would be inappropriate to call him a bald face liar based on that editorial or simply lauding some alternate facts?
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    First sheep hunt

    Great adventure, thanks for sharing!
  16. neffa3

    On Goat Point

    It's pretty damn cool to get the trifecta. Draw the tag, find and shoot old billy, and have someone along to document it so well. Congrats^2
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    Opening Day Bull

    Killin' a bull on the opener is quite impressive in my book, great job.
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    Looking for boot opinions

    My person fav were Asolo Fugitives. But the last two times I've needed them I can't find them on sale so I end up going with something else.
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    Looking for boot opinions
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    Laramie CWD workshop tomorrow

    Does it actually work? I thought prions were practically impossible to destroy?