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  1. NC2CO

    Opening Day Bull

    Sometimes things happen for a reason! Congrats to you both on a big bull and awesome hunt.
  2. NC2CO

    Best trophy Room I have ever seen

    I don't know the story here but when comparing this room to a DIY public land room, one could most likely argue that significant time, sweat and commitment went into accumulating the assets used to pursue the animals on 'those' walls. Every wall hanger has a story and not all of them start in...
  3. NC2CO

    First time Colorado hunt. Gear list check.

    Congrats and good luck this year! Some additional thoughts... -Maybe a sleeping pad -Good to see you have a system rigged up to use your binocs on your tripod. You can sit side x side with someone, you using your tripod and them just resting their elbows on their knees and you will have a...
  4. NC2CO

    1st vs 4th season CO

    There will be some pretty significant differences in the weather between those two seasons.
  5. NC2CO

    Backyard buck. How big will he get?

    I think you're all over it. I'd say pretty close to 70 with out the extras.
  6. NC2CO

    Colorado Lope...

    That's a stud daddy right there!!
  7. NC2CO

    Honest opinion on taking the month off work for elk season? Please help!!

    Given the details you've provided - I'd jump in the truck and take off. You're in a great spot for 21. Enjoy the time prior to major family/professional obligations. Saving for a house is a phenomenal goal in your 20s. Once you've hit that one, I'd make my next one setting all that you can...
  8. NC2CO

    Venison Wellington

    You should consider the restaurant biz!!
  9. NC2CO

    SD Elk Draw

    Good luck if you've got a name in the hat!
  10. NC2CO

    Second Project

    That is a great mount.
  11. NC2CO

    Kansas archery tag.

    KS is an awesome place to hunt. Hunted there 2 of the last 4 years. Once rifle and once ML. Hope you drew your tag.
  12. NC2CO

    NM Results

    Unsuccessful across the board. Still feels like Christmas as the page is loading though. Until next year NM.... Congrats to all that landed a tag today.
  13. NC2CO

    Adirondack NY. NICE BUCK !!!

    That sucker is a tank. I'd hate to have him angry with me!!
  14. NC2CO

    CWD in CO and WY

    Both of them appeared as healthy as they could be. No physical indications of any sickness that we noticed. None of the venison from those two were consumed. Agreed on the shock factor.....Definitely something we'll be cognizant of moving forward.
  15. NC2CO

    CWD in CO and WY

    There were 5 guys in our group LY and we were all successful. We had them all tested and of the 5 deer, 2 of them came back positive for CWD. I definitely did not expect that kind of a result. Edit - This was CO
  16. NC2CO

    CO Preference Point

    If I were starting over in CO, I would be tempted to build points for deer and antelope. If I'm investing $100 to buy a point for one I may as well add 10% and buy the other. WITH THAT SAID - If I could make it happen, I'd be hunting both deer and antelope with 0-2 points invested in the tag...
  17. NC2CO

    Bear Poachers caught in Alaska

    That was terrible to watch. These guys aren't hunters, they're lawless SOBs. People like this likely have/should have a long list of priors and shouldn't be called a hunter any more than a role model. I like to think a greater percentage of people like this become statistics. It's just all...
  18. NC2CO

    Colorado Unit 3 Archery Antelope?

    I'll second ishoot on his comments. I've not archery hunted antelope there but have hunted in that area. To land a unit wide rifle tag, you're looking at spending a lot of pref points. I have archery hunted 3/301 for deer elk; for antelope water will be critical. Most is on private...
  19. NC2CO

    Great MS Hunting Season

    Where is the like button! Great season.
  20. NC2CO

    THE DEER POLICE- interesting videos

    That was funny! Sadly, it was equally true.