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    Portable Sawmill?

    Do any of you have one? Do you use it as a hobby, personal building, or to make money? I have been damn near obsessed with them for a few years. I'm not in a position to buy one yet but will be. Ultimately, I'd like to use it as way to make a bit of extra folding money when I kick the job to...
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    SD Draw

    Anyone have knowledge on when the deer tag results come out? I was thinking it was late June last year. But, I think it was late July.
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    Shooting Sticks or Bi-pod?

    Since I've been hunting other areas the last few years besides MN and WI my shot opportunities have been more than the 50-75 yards offered there. Last year the area in the SD, Black Hills was offering shots to about the 300 mark. I practiced a bit with a single, Primos Trigger Stick. It was...
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    .257 Wby Mag?

    Do any of you hunt with them? How do you like it? I found one I like, locally. I can and do reload, though it's not something I like to do. But, I do have the capability to do it. How does it compare to the 25-06? It will be used as a whitetail rig almost exclusively.
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    onX Question.

    Newbie to onX here so this is probably a stupid question to most of you but... Why don't the coordinates on onX match up with google earth? I can pick out a tree and mark a spot on it and the coordinates differ quite a bit.