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  1. bcar

    New Pants/Bibs

    Check out First Lite's new Solitude bib. They might be about the right weight for TN.
  2. bcar

    Back Wall/Valley

    Alright guys I've been shooting a Bear Anarchy for the last 5 years. The back wall is soft and the valley is fairly long which allows for a probably 3/8-1/2 inch of creep before the cams catch, which I have grown very accustomed to in a hunting bow. Since the bow is 7 years old now and has some...
  3. bcar

    Connecting Bino Harness to Backpack

    The eberle has 4 quick connects too which is nice. It's the scout pack, but still bigger/bulkier than I'd like. Looking into the Kuiu pro now, its got quick connects on the bottom and straps on top that you could thread into an after market buckle.
  4. bcar

    Connecting Bino Harness to Backpack

    Eberlestock has a kit for connecting their bino harnesses to their packs... A couple D rings worked perfect for connecting to the Metcalf straps, and then there's a longer strap with some elastic that runs down to the hip belt with a clip for attaching to the belt webbing. The only issue with...
  5. bcar

    Kuiu Code?

    They have 15% off plus free shipping if you buy two pairs of pants right now. Which is probably about the best deal you're going to get in terms of sales from them. I have a 15% off code for one item (still have to pay shipping) that I'm not going to use if you wanna pm me. Might be a unique...
  6. bcar

    Spotting scope tripod, fluid head and set of bino's

    There and the classifieds on here and Rokslide.
  7. bcar

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf Sale

    holy crap under $300? Talk about a steal
  8. bcar

    Spotting scope tripod, fluid head and set of bino's

    better hit up Schmalts on here for prices on Meoptas, and for that price point you just as well go with the Meostar binos too. Or like SnowyMountaineer said above be patient and find a good deal on a used pair.
  9. bcar

    Piles of bear spray at the airport?

    I've heard there's some facebook pages people have started for exchanging bear spray, specifically in the greater Yellowstone area, but might be worth a look for up there too.
  10. bcar

    White tale guys

    Happens a lot Up here in big deer country ;)
  11. bcar

    Full Review- Athlon Ares 65mm Spotter

    The Ares is basically the same as the re branded Cabelas Krotos spotter I believe. I was very happy with the specs compared to all other 65mm spotters when I was doing my research, and was just as pleased when I started looking through it in the field. Although I must say.. I got a pair of...
  12. bcar

    Leupold 4.5-14x40 VX 3i

    What caliber will this be on? Personally I wouldn't spend the extra money for 6" - 12" of drop at 300 yards.
  13. bcar

    Travel case for both compound bow and rifle recommendations

    Compression is what keeps everything in place in these cases. You could have you quiver and other misc archery gear, plus the pistol/ammo on the bottom shelf, and your bow on the top shelf and everything would probably stay in place just fine.
  14. bcar

    Can we talk about underwear?

    Lol it’s still early... I’d be taking 2 pairs for a week hunt 😂
  15. bcar

    Can we talk about underwear?

    Do the FL's hold their shape after a week or start to stretch out like typical merino?
  16. bcar

    Why my pack sucks: Kifaru, Stone Glacier, Exo, Seek, Mystery Ranch, Kuiu, etc.

    MR Metcalf - 1 season - Lack of access is my biggest complaint (top loading bag with one full length side zipper). Weight is another small issue, but for the price you can find these on sale for it's totally worth it if you're on a budget. I got used to the amount of straps/buckles and lack of...
  17. bcar

    First hunt, new partner, first bear

    This post makes literally me want to have kids. Great story/photos.
  18. bcar

    Kuiu Attack or Firstlite Obsidian for Sept/Oct Elk

    Hip vents on the kuiu's made the decision pretty easy for me. Due to the excessive amount of pants options out there and various opinions (kuiu alone has 4 options that would probably fit the bill), you'll just have to make the decision yourself because they're all good quality. If you end up...
  19. bcar


    In the Midwest that is the preferred method of catching the elusive and highly coveted opossum
  20. bcar

    Travel case for both compound bow and rifle recommendations

    SKB iSeries 4719 or 5014 models would probably work depending on how long your rifle is. The 4217 might even work if its a fairly short rifle. I'm not sure if those sizes come in single models, or just the double models. I have a 4217 double and could easily carry a broken down shotgun or 10-22...