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    For Sale Arctic Oven Tent

    For Sale Arctic Oven 12 X 12 with Vestibule like new used 2 times for 3 nights. No tears or holes can be set up by one person. $ 2,000.00 you pay freight. New it is $ 2,625.00 plus tax and freight from Alaska.
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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf with lid, new 3 years old but has never been used or in the woods color is foliage with med. belt 425.00 TYD in lower 48. PM for pictures if interested.
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    Vortex Binoculars

    F/S Vortex Diamondback 10X50 binoculars. About 1 year old, lenses covers, neck strap and hard case. They have never been out of house no marks or scratches. $ 190.00 TYD.
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    On line

    On line rules and reg. for deer. elk. and antelope are up.
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    2018 licenses and apps are up on Montana web site !!!!!!!
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    Montana just sent me a notice Licenses will go on sale 02/12/18.
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    What would your opinion be on NR who apply for a license in Montana that have reached the age of 68 or older be guaranteed the license .
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    Arctic Oven Tent

    Arctic Oven 12x12 with vest. Used one night 2,200.00. Tent was used in commercial for Daytona Days Movie During Super Bowl 2017.
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    European mount

    Has anyone sprayed the skull on a european mount with clear lacquer and if yes was it to shiny. Thank you in advance.
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    license and tags

    Received my N/R Montana big game combo license and tags in the mail today !!!!
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    Tags and license.

    Good morning all, Has anyone received their tags and or license in the mail from Montana ?
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    Arctic oven

    WTB AO 12 with vestibule.
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    Atric oven tent

    Looking for a 10 x 10 used Artic oven tent.
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    Artic oven

    Looking for a used 10 x 10 Artic oven tent.
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    Fog Zero

    Fog Zero, Has any one tried it. Good or bad. I just saw it advertised and I am looking for a good anti fog for scopes and bino's. Thanks for any input.
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    Mt license

    The wife and I got our first Mt. license today.
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    Merry Christmas

    I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    Glasses and binoculars.

    Does anyone else wear glasses when using there binoculars. If so what bino's have you found to be the best. I have always removed my glasses when using binoculars and I am trying to broke that habit.
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    danner high ground boots

    Has anyone bought and worn danner high ground boots? I am thinking about buying a pair and would like some pros and con. Thanks