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    Guided Hunts--when would or have you done them?

    I've been lucky to live and bowhunt in CO and BC as a resident and plus take a bunch of DIY trips when I drew a tag or bought an OTC license in various states and provinces (+20 species). That said, some of the critters I've had on the bucket list were Alaskan Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Grizzly...
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    What States Have You Hunted

    I haven't bowhunted Tule Elk yet...trip is planned for August this year. (I don't post photos on the net....check your private messages).
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    What States Have You Hunted

    Bow hunted 14 states and 5 provinces/territories for 28 NA species of big game. Bird hunted 16 states and 2 provinces for 17 species of upland birds.
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    What is the most bears you have seen in 1 night?

    44 blacks (6 grizzlies) are my daily records...BC. Boomer seeing 53 is unbelievable! Minnesota?
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    DIY Sheep Hunt

    For hunting purposes I became eligible for a BC resident license after living and working in BC for one year. Canadian citizenship (dual) took around 6 years.
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    DIY Sheep Hunt

    I've been fortunate enough to live in sheep country my entire adult life. Got lucky and drew 6 CO resident archery ram tags and arrowed a couple in the 35 years I lived there. Some of the tags were second choice back in the 1980s. Even more fortunate was getting a non-resident NV desert tag...
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    What is the 1 rifle you regretted buying or wished you never had bought?

    Remington 700 .204 R that shot very poorly. After a new PacNor barrel in .204 R, Gretan firing pin and spring, BDL bottom metal and a B&C stock it shoots great....just like the used Cooper .204 R I bought for less $$$!
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    What's Your Lucky Hunting Item

    My lucky "item" is persistence. For a bowhunter helps increase your odds like spending time in the field. Someone once said "the harder I hunt the luckier I get".
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    Decent travel case for archery

    I use a Cabelas Ripcord XL rolling duffle. Cost $159 last year and has survived many flights in Canada since. It is oversize so I end up paying a small fee ($26-$29 C a few times) for it. I've had no trouble with the airlines as long as I keep it under 50#s. I can put two bows in my Prime...
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    Growing up in the Canadian arctic

    Griggs..not sure how to send you a private message...(I typed one out to you but it appears it may be a public "conversation"?) I don't understand the site as I am new here.
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    Growing up in the Canadian arctic

    Griggs, ULUKHAKTOK/HOLMAN, NWT: A friend and I drove up to Yellowknife in late August 2016, then flew to Copper Mine (Kugluktuk) before flying on to Ulukhaktok up on Victoria Island for the musk ox hunt. The first day we went a long ways North from town by quad, each driving across the gravel...
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    Growing up in the Canadian arctic

    What are the names of the villages in your photos? Neat as heck to have experienced the Canadian Arctic like you have!! I've bow hunted Holman, NWT (Uluhaktuk) and Baker Lake and Resolute, Nunavut recently and really enjoy being with the Inuits and out on their lands. Thanks for posting!
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    Shooting a cold bow

    -40 on the polar ice was not a problem in my experience.
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    Sleeping peacefully in griz country

    Two hunters were mauled in a tent in SE BC a few years back. Both lived to tell about it. I've had Alaskan grizzlies sniff the backpack tent inches from my face on two separate occasions years apart....scaring the heck out of me, and the other one or two guys that were in the tent with me...