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  1. TexAg09

    Texas here...

    Welcome from the Austin area!
  2. TexAg09

    Rugged Smart Phones

    I appreciate the input! I currently have an S7 active that the screen is going out on. It hasn't been bad, but the Samsungs come with so much bloatware. That's one of the reasons I'm looking to see what else is out there. Both of the phones mentioned run about $300 brand new which I don't think...
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    Rugged Smart Phones

    Hey everyone, I am looking at getting a new smart phone, and I've been doing some research on "rugged" smart phones that have a level of water resistance/proofing, sealed from dust and some extra shock absorption. Right now I'm looking into a BV9500 Plus and a Doogee S90 Pro. Does anyone have...
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    Stalking Reds on the Texas Coast

    I just wanted to bump this post because this trip is NEXT MONTH! Right now we have about 20 folks going. It should be a great time getting after some reds with BHA! So if you are interested in joining us please shoot me an email at I plan on emailing the group late next...
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    Leaving camp in co backcountry?

    I always leave my camp set up, but usually don't leave anything super valuable. The only people back where I'm camping are hunters who know it's hunting season. I kind of figure you'd have to be an idiot to try to steal from someone who was more than likely armed and could probably shoot you at...
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    Hello from Fort Worth, Texas

    Welcome from the Austin area!
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    Howdy from TX!

    Howdy from the Austin area!
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    Backpack tent footprint

    Tyvek works great as a ground sheet too. If you're really on a budget check out a Kelty Salida 2. I've weathered some storms in mine, and stayed dry. Good tent for the money.
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    Stalking Reds on the Texas Coast

    Howdy everyone, I just wanted to let y'all know that Texas Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is organizing a trip to fish for redfish Oct 18-20. That time of year is the peak time for reds, so if you didn't draw the tag you wanted or aren't busy with archery season in TX come get after some bull...
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    DIY Texas Coast - Kayak Fishing Trip Interest?

    Thanks for the feedback. Please keep it coming.
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    DIY Texas Coast - Kayak Fishing Trip Interest?

    Just get your buck early and come join us! Haha!
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    DIY Texas Coast - Kayak Fishing Trip Interest?

    Hey everyone, the Texas BHA chapter is looking into organizing a kayak fishing trip on the Texas coast for reds and trout. Fishing for reds are at their peak in October, so we thought this might be an option for people who didn't draw this year. We are looking at possibly Oct 18-20 at Rockport...
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    36 inch inseam.

    Eddie Bauer has 36" and Kryptek has 35"
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    Howdy from the Austin area!
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    New from Texas

    Welcome from the Austin area!
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    New Here

    Welcome from the Austin area.
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    Backpacking Down Jackets

    Check out Eddie Bauer. I need tall sizes, so that's how I got turned on to them. So far I feel like all their stuff has served me well. They have various fill weights available.
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    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome from the Austin area!!!
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    My new hunting partner

    Congrats! My first (a boy) is due next month, so I understand the excitement! I hope y'all share some epic hunts together! Also great name choice! LOL - Cody aka TexAg09
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    Welcome from the Austin area. What part of Texas are you from? When can y'all come organize my garage? LOL