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  1. breaks hunter

    MT Ram Poached

    Why do people do things like this? It makes no sense to me.
  2. breaks hunter

    North Fork Wolf

    Another email from my uncle down in Cody. A good friend of his came across this guy in the boy scout camp up north fork. Said he was pretty amazed that the wolf showed no fear of him or the truck or anyone else that was around in the camp.
  3. breaks hunter

    Muzzleloader Found in Hollow Tree

    Not sure when this happened but i got these in an email from my uncle last night. Apparently somebody found this muzzleloader in a hollow tree along the yellowstone river near Glendive, MT. It says its around 160 years old and in good shape probably due to being covered in bear or buffalo...
  4. breaks hunter

    Distance between camp and hunt grounds

    How far away do you set up camp from the actual spot you hunt? My buddy and i are going to take a full week this year for our deer hunt and he is talking about setting up camp right smack in the middle of the spot we are hunting. I thought it might be better to set up a half mile or so away...
  5. breaks hunter

    Merino Wool Base Layers

    I'm tired of freezing my a$$ off on those cold mornings and i do believe its time to get rid of my old cotton long johns and get a good midweight base layer. I've heard merino wool is the best. Any of you fella's much older and wiser than me have any recommendations?
  6. breaks hunter

    Pinto Moose??

    I got these pics in an email from my uncle today. Pretty cool coloration. It said they were taken in Fahler, Alberta, Canada
  7. breaks hunter

    New guy from Montana

    Hello all, been a fan of the show for awhile now and finally decided to check out the site and join. There seems to be a lot of good people here with a wealth of experience and i hope to learn as much as i can and be a productive member. I'm a fishing lure designer by trade and have been...