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  1. 88man

    Besides Randy give me some good youtube channels to follow on western hunting & conservation

    Looking for some youtube channels to follow
  2. 88man

    WOW This is crazy! Walmart to stop selling certain calibers of ammo
  3. 88man

    6.5 Berger 156grn

    Anyone shoot this bullet yet? Does the 1-8 stabilize it??
  4. 88man

    Pick Two Hunts or Adventures

    Ok lets have a little fantasy fun. In this Fantasy experiment you can pick two adventures that are totally free basically its an all inclusive if needed or just a tag if thats what you want. Some of the adventures are multi year or combo type. Nothing transferable to sell. 1. Late season WY...
  5. 88man

    Something Close to Hunting

    Who has seen the wolfpack of Big Eyes crush the spread at first light and the total mayhem that follows?
  6. 88man

    Kuiu Bino Harness XL

    My girlfriend bought a XL which is for 50mm when she only needed the Large for her 10 by 42 last Fall. Looking to sell or trade so she can get the Large
  7. 88man

    Pa Game Commission Government management at its best.
  8. 88man


    it was my go to powder for my 270wsm. Anyway it was discontinued. Was it anyone elses pet powder for the 270wsm? if so what did you switch to?
  9. 88man

    Tell me about your glamping tents

    A friend is looking to buy a wall tent or a bell type tent. Needs to sleep 3 to 4 or maybe upto 5. Needs stove.
  10. 88man

    Permit to carry reciprocity in all 50 states

    Is anyone not in favor of this? It just seems to make so much sense to me.
  11. 88man

    Whats your take on the "GLYPHOSATE" Round Up Lawsuit in California

    So science says it does not cause cancer but a Judge in California says it does.
  12. 88man

    Favorite modern western movies or series?

    Looking for recommendations. Something less than 10 years old? I really liked Hostiles.
  13. 88man

    Wolf Killed in Southern Bighorns

    I saw a facebook post with pics. Seemed legit
  14. 88man

    New Country, what are you listening too

    Looking for new artists that haven't really made it big yet. Sorta Red dirt style or western style. Like Aaron Watson, Cody Jinks??
  15. 88man

    40 inch Moose

    Would anyone be so kind as to share pics of a 40 inch moose?
  16. 88man

    Any Welsh Springer owners?

    Anyone ever own or hunt with a Welshie?
  17. 88man

    What bipod is everyone using?

    Thinking about upgrading from a Harris. What bipod are you using? Light weight? other features?
  18. 88man

    Anyone Hunt rabbits in Kansas with Beagles

    I'm looking to do a Kansas rabbit hunt next winter. Any advise
  19. 88man

    Looking to upgrade spotter tripod

    Looking for recommendations on a new spotter tripod and costs
  20. 88man

    Barrel Cleaning procedures

    Whats every one using and doing. Shooters choice? Kroils? Foam? Ammonia?